What happened to Javadi in homeland?

Javadi was captured by Iranian agents, but escaped with help of an agent loyal to him. Saul, struggling to unveil the anti-Iranian conspiracy inside the CIA, brought Javadi before president-elect Elizabeth Keane to present his evidence.

Who was the Langley bomber in homeland?

Season 3 premiere. Alleged Langley bomber Nick Brody remains at large. Saul plots a risky counterstrike on the terrorists connected to the bombing.

Who is CIA director in Homeland Season 5?

Senator Andrew Lockhart
Senator Andrew Lockhart was the director of the CIA….

Andrew Lockhart
Status: Alive
Nationality: American
Profession: Director of the CIA
Played by: Tracy Letts

Who is Bennett in homeland?

Martin Donovan

Leland Bennett
Played by: Martin Donovan
Season(s): 3
Episodes: 2 appearances
First episode: “Game On”

Who blew up waldens funeral?

But then Brody’s car explodes in front of Walden’s funeral service, killing Estes, Walden’s family and more than 200 others in the process. Carrie pulls a gun on Brody, but after he swears Nazir was behind the whole thing, they make a run for it.

Who is the traitor in Homeland?

Carrie discovers the identity of his source, a U.N. Russian translator who is outed and chooses to shoot herself just before capture. War is avoided. But Carrie essentially becomes the turned agent she’s been suspected of being all season and flees a traitor with Russian GRU officer Yevgeny (Costa Ronin).

Who are the actors in Homeland Season 5?

Main Cast Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison (12 episodes) Rupert Friend as Peter Quinn (12 episodes) Sebastian Koch as Otto Düring (10 episodes) Miranda Otto as Allison Carr (12 episodes) Alexander Fehling as Jonas Hollander (10 episodes) Sarah Sokolovic as Laura Sutton (10 episodes) F. Murray Abraham as Dar Adal (11 episodes)

Is there going to be a season 3 of Homeland?

Finally, our beloved Showtime series has delivered an outstanding episode resembling what hooked us all in the first season: taut and suspenseful and offering us an amazing reward for having slogged through the difficult first four episodes of Season 3. Bonus: There’s still Dana, but she’s not nearly as annoying.

What was last week’s episode of Homeland about?

After last week’s bombshell revelation that Carrie and Saul had conspired to dangle her as a vulnerable CIA agent in front of Iranian terrorists — a plan that was hatched in the days following the Langley bombing, according to showrunner Alex Gansa — our faith in our shaky, potentially mentally unstable CIA operative is firmly back in place.

What happens in Season 5 of Malcolm in the middle?

Stevie goes into shock when he’s told Kitty divorced Abe; Reese gets caught up in the hot-and-heavy entries in a diary, unaware it belongs to Lois; Otto and Francis have to put down an old horse; Dewey finds he likes the taste of baby food. Error: please try again.