What happened to the Weather Underground app?

On December 31, 2018, Weather Underground ceased offering its popular application programming interface (API) for weather data, further reducing the breadth of its services.

Does Weather Underground have a free app?

Weather Underground says it draws from multiple data sources, including 33,000 personal weather stations run by local enthusiasts. Weather Underground’s Android app (free), manages to sate nerdy data hunger without sacrificing elegant design. It’s an Editors’ Choice for Android weather apps.

Is Weather Underground a good weather app?

The Weather Underground app for iPhone and Android devices provides the world’s most accurate hyper-local weather forecasts in addition to interactive radar, satellite maps and severe weather alerts.

How much is the Weather Underground app?

For a meager $1.99 per year, you can have Weather Underground completely ad-free. The default configuration includes panels for 10-day and hourly forecasts; health information, which includes data on pollen, air quality, and flu infections; sunrise time, sunset time, and moon phase; and extended text forecasts.

Is Weather Underground going away?

Weather Underground is not going away. The Weather Company, an IBM Business, which includes WU and weather.com, remains committed to advancing weather science and technology and covering the science behind climate and weather.

Why did Jeff Masters Leave Weather Underground?

Jeff Masters is leaving Weather Underground, the company he co-founded nearly a quarter century ago. Jeff Masters, a co-founder of the popular Weather Underground forecasting operation and website, is leaving the company to write for Scientific American.

Is Weather Underground part of weather Channel?

Meteorology, TV, and weather enthusiasts will intersect in a new way starting on August 24 with the debut of “Weather Underground,” a two-hour program to air weekdays from 6:00 to 8:00 pm ET on The Weather Channel. Based in San Francisco, Weather Underground became part of The Weather Company in 2012.

What is the most reliable weather app?

WeatherBug is definitely the most accurate weather app apart from all others with their latest innovative technology along eco-centered approach.

Which weather app most accurate?

WeatherBug is the most accurate weather app that provides lightning alerts and all other information. Today everybody cares about the climate because there are uncertain changes in the weather pattern for past few years.

What is the Apple weather app?

Weather Live is a beautifully designed app with real-time weather condition background images. It offers relatively detailed data for daily, hourly, and 7-day forecasts, but what makes this app stand out is the amount of information it displays on your Apple Watch. As a bonus, the iPhone app is highly customizable.

What is the Weather Radar app?

MyRadar is a fast, easy-to-use, weather application that displays animated weather radar around your current location, allowing you to quickly see what weather is coming your way. Just start the app, and your location pops up with animated weather, allowing you to easily see if rain is approaching.