What is a CSCS construction course?

CSCS is the leading skills certification scheme within the UK construction industry. CSCS cards provide proof that individuals working on construction sites have the required training and qualifications for the type of work they carry out.

Do you need a CSCS card to visit a construction site?

A CSCS card is not legally required to work on a construction site. Holding a CSCS card is not a legislative requirement. It is entirely up to the principal contractor or client whether workers are required to hold a card before they are allowed on site.

How do I get a CSCS card in Scotland?

Completion of the CSCS course and passing both the SQA ‘Health and Safety in a Construction Environment’ and CITB’s ‘Health and Safety for Operatives’ tests will achieve the green labourer’s CSCS card. For skilled workers please contact CSCS directly.

Can you get your CSCS card online?

The quickest and most convenient way to apply for a CSCS card is via our online application service. If you already have an account, please login and start your application today. If you do not have an account, visit the Applying for cards page to find out how to create an account and apply for CSCS card online.

Are CSCS cards being phased out?

CSCS, along with the 35 other card schemes which use its logo, have signed up to the pledge. Construction Site Visitor cards issued from 3 September 2018 will expire on 31 August 2020 and CSCS will stop issuing Site Visitor cards altogether in February 2020.

Is CITB same as CSCS?

The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) runs the CSCS. The CSCS was set up as part of this – to help reduce accidents on construction sites and help them to run more smoothly.

Do you need CSCs to work on construction site?

The Online Level 1 Health and Safety in a Construction Environment course is designed for those working on construction sites and is a requirement for those wishing to apply for a CSCS Green Card. In accordance with CITB, anyone who is a labourer on a construction site must be a CSCS Green Card Holder.

What does construction safety support ltd.do?

Construction Safety Support Ltd. is an eminent academy dedicated to make the construction arena safer and more efficient. Right from providing the finest training to site workers to enabling them to obtain CSCS cards easily, we offer innovative services for the construction workforce.

What do you need to do to get a CSCS card?

CSCS card applicants need to prove they have the training and qualifications required to carry out their job and apply for the correct card for their occupation. The requirements can be checked by using the online cardfinder which will also confirm which type of CITB Health, safety and environment test needs to be passed.

What do you need to know about construction helpline?

Call us today! Happy New Year To You. Construction Helpline is on a mission to make the construction site a safer and more efficient place. We provide CSCS cards and health and safety training for the construction industry, enabling construction sites to run effectively and get workers on site faster.