What is a good intern?

Effective interns are self-confident and able to get the job done. They don’t feel second-rate compared to other interns and colleagues they will work with in the company during the internship. For example, effective interns have the confidence to take on new projects that a supervisor adds to their task list.

What should I wear on my first day of internship?

A good rule of thumb is to avoid extremes in terms of clothing, accessories, and perfume.For the women: Women should make sure that skirts aren’t too short, slacks aren’t too tight, and necklines aren’t too low. For the men: Men should wear a neutral shirt (white is always a safe bet) with a tie.

What should I ask on the first day of an internship?

5 questions to ask yourself before your intern’s first dayWhat do I need my intern to learn in the first week to be successful going forward? What does the intern want to learn during the first week? Over the course of the internship, what does the intern need to know to make this a successful step in their career?