What is a mission style coffee table?

Mission coffee tables make a fantastic addition to your living room or family room — especially if you’re looking for a unique accent piece. Our Mission style coffee tables are available in a wide variety of styles and designs. All our Mission coffee tables are constructed from the highest quality kiln-dried hardwoods.

Is Stickley furniture always marked?

Gustav Stickley takes the rare step of labeling his Craftsman furniture with a shop mark. He chooses a joiner’s compass as his logo with the phrase “Als ik kan” (To the best of my ability) inscribed within and his signature underneath. L.

Where is Stickley furniture manufactured?

New York
Stickley is proud to share our history with the public in the original Stickley factory. A treasure trove of historical Stickley materials was found tucked in old closets and under floorboards during the move from the original factory to our current Manlius, New York, factory.

What is a mission table?

Mission style dining or kitchen tables are solid wood, simple, stylish, strong and built to last for generations. Classic Mission or craftsman dining furniture often features elegantly simple designs, heavy proportions, and accented joinery. Invest in an Amish made table with a timeless Mission style.

Where is Leick manufactured?

Leick Home is now a part of the Design House family. Leick Home is a Wisconsin-based company built on four generations of furniture making experience that uphold a simple family tradition – deliver more than the customer expects, for less than they expect to pay.

What is a mission desk?

If you’re looking for a new desk for an office, study, bedroom, or dorm room, look no further than a durable, Mission-style desk. L-Shaped Desks: L-shaped desks are a suitable choice for people who need a lot of storage and extra table-top space. These desks work best in the corner of a room to save space.

What style furniture is Stickley?

Primarily known for Mission-style furnishings from the Arts and Crafts Movement, Stickley Brothers antiques can fetch hundreds of thousand of dollars at auctions.

What is the quality of Stickley furniture?

Stickley furniture is of the most exceptional quality, with every piece made with honor, integrity, and pride. For some fans of Stickley, some of the products that they have are the ones their parents bought.

What’s the difference between Mission style and Stickley furniture?

Apparently, Gustav Stickley didn’t really care for the association of Stickley furniture with Mission style, even though both styles appear to have a lot in common. After the passing of the Stickley brothers, the Audi family took over the production of Stickley furniture.

What kind of furniture did Gustav Stickley make?

During this period, Gustav Stickley became a huge supporter of the American craftsman style of furniture and his company Stickley Furniture became a champion for the handcrafted and functionally simple style of furniture. Want to know more about Stickley Furniture? You’ve got it!

Where can I buy Stickley furniture in NYC?

After the passing of the Stickley brothers, the Audi family took over the production of Stickley furniture. Design lovers knew that EJ Audi’s Manhattan showroom was the go-to place for a Stickley sofa or a Stickley chair.

Who is the designer of the Stickley chair?

Designed by William Morris (another big name in the Arts and Craft movement), this Stickley chair is a classic example of the brand and its values. Equal parts comfortable and stylish, this boxy chair with a high seat back is a piece of furniture we can really get behind.