What is a passing score for Post Office assessment?

USPS 474 Passing Score The passing score for the USPS 474 assessment is 70 and above. If you score below that, you’ll receive an ineligible status and you’ll be allowed to retake the test only after 12 months.

How do I check my post office assessment score?

How do I get my results for the VEA? Once you have completed the VEA you may check your results by logging in to your eCareer Candidate Profile. Open the Roadmap and go to the Assessments page (7). This score will be used if you apply to jobs that require the same VEA version.

What is a good score for postal exam 474?

What Is a Good Score on the Postal Exam 474? The virtual entry assessment 474 is extremely competitive. The USPS can afford to be picky with its selection process, and it anticipates that 80–90% of candidates are unsuccessful in their first attempt. To pass the postal exam, you must achieve a score of at least 70.

What is a good score for the USPS 476 assessment test?

At first glance, the Postal Exam 476 looks easy. But to pass it, you need to score 70, which is hard enough, since the assessment is full of tricky questions. But if you want to actually get hired, you better get a REALLY high score. Because the higher you score, the higher you’ll be on the acceptance list.

Can you retake USPS assessment test?

You may only take the assessment once per job application. If you already have an assessment score recent enough to be in the retest time period (e.g., for Exam 473 within the past 120 days), you will not be Page 5 allowed to take the assessment again; your existing score will be used for that application.

What is a good score for the USPS Assessment test 477?

The Virtual Entry Assessment (VEA) – CS (477) is an exam you must go through to become a Customer Service Clerk in the USPS. But if you want to be considered for this job, you must score at least 70, which is not that easy. According to the USPS, only 10%-20% of candidates reach that goal.

How do I get my postal exam score?

Visit www.usps.com (the official website of the U.S. Postal Service) and set up a candidate profile by selecting “Careers” from the bottom of the homepage, then selecting “Create your eCareer profile” on the right sidebar. Complete the required forms, and enter the Exam History Code that you received from…

How long is my Post Office exam score valid?

Exam scores remain valid until the date on your notice of rating. Exam 473 scores remain valid for six years if you are not hired. Passing a postal exam does not mean you will be hired.

What is a perfect score on the standardized SAT test?

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding what a perfect SAT score actually looks like now. That’s because after many years, the College Board, the company behind this standardized test, spent the last several years remodeling the SAT. So these days, a perfect SAT score is 1600.

What is the Post Office exam?

The post office exam, commonly referred to as the 473 Battery Exam, consists of four key testing areas: address cross comparison, forms completion, memory and coding, and personal characteristics and experience. In the past, you had to take the exam before applying for a specific job.