What is Agastya Nadi astrology?

History of Nadi Shashtra – Nadi Shashtra is known as a very ancient form or art of predicting an individualâ&#… Read More. As per legends, it is believed that in the Dwapara Yug, there were seven Maharishis or seven sages known as Saptarishis, namely Kaushika, Vyasa, Bhogar, Agasthya, Vasistha, Bhrigu and Valmiki.</p>
<h2>How accurate is Nadi astrology?</h2>
<p>Nadi Astrology <b>gives details of one’s past very correctly including personal details but is inaccurate about future</b>. Rishis who wrote on the Nadi leaves were known have had visions about a person in detail ’till that person approaches a nadi leaf reader and gets his past, present decoded’.</p>
<h2>How is Nadi astrology calculated?</h2>
<p>Nadi is determined by <b>the placement of the Moon in the natal chart and the Nakshatra in which the Moon is placed for the individual</b>, at the time of birth.</p>
<h2>Who wrote nadi Shastra?</h2>
<p>It is a compilation of over 82 hundred verses by <b>Achyut of Kerala</b>, that is why it is called “Deva Keralam”.</p>
<h2>Can Nadi Dosha be ignored?</h2>
<p>Can Nadi dosha be Ignored? YES, <b>Nadi dosha can be completely ignored</b> in other areas of kundli matching are very strong and give good results. It can also be ignored if other areas of kundli matching have respectable strength and one of the above mentioned Nadi dosha exceptions is present.</p>
<h2>How Nadi Dosha can be removed?</h2>
<p><b>Donating gold, clothes, food, and grains</b> to poor or needy people is an effective Nadi Dosha solution. A cow and Swarna-Nadi should be donated to one or more Brahmin families. One may also donate food equal to one’s weight on the birthday to alleviate the bad effects of Nadi Dosha on marriage.</p>
<h2>Can Nadi Dosha leads to death?</h2>
<p>Nadi Dosha is amongst the fatal and inauspicious kundli doshas in Guna Milan when carrying out Kundali Milan. It is believed that <b>the presence of Nadi Dosha can even lead to one of the partners’ death</b> or sometimes both the partners could face troubles.</p>
<h2>Is Nadi Dosha curable?</h2>
<p>Nadi Dosha can be alleviated, <b>canceled or eliminated before or after marriage</b> with Vedic astrological measures. With effective astrological remedies for Nadi Dosha, one may easily nullify this Kundali Dosha and bring happiness and marital bliss in your life.</p>