What is Arpit certificate?

Annual Refresher Programme in Teaching (ARPIT) In the first stage, 66 discipline-specific National Resource Centres (NRCs) have been identified by MHRD, wherein Course Coordinators have prepared online training material, with focus on latest developments in the discipline.

How do I get an Arpit certificate?

It has been released online, on arpit.nta.nic.in. The candidates can check the result, from the official login, by entering the application number and date of birth. The result of ARPIT is released as scorecard. Candidates who qualify the exam with more than 50%, get a certificate by SWAYAM.

How can I get Swayam exam fees?

CANDIDATES PAYING VIA SPOC OF LOCAL CHAPTER: – If you are paying fee via Local chapter of your college: Please select payment as “Pay via SPOC of my college”. Please hand over the fees to the SPOC. If the SPOC rejects your request, we will inform you and only if you pay directly will the registration be confirmed.

What is Swayam full form?

The program of Human Resource Development Ministry spells out as Study Webs of Active-Learning for Young Aspiring Minds (SWAYAM). It offers courses ranging into hundreds and they are those which are taught at school, college and university level.

How do I apply for Swayam online course?

Step 1. SWAYAM portal – Candidates need to visit the swayam portal @ www.swayam.gov.in. Step 2. They need to click “Register” button provided on the top of the homepage.