What is Bartlett saying in two cathedrals?

Am I to believe these things from a righteous God, a just God, a wise God? To hell with your punishments! And to hell with you!” The sentences, “Cruciatus in crucem. Eas in crucem”, literally translate as “To a cross with your punishments.

Did Sam Seaborn win the 47th?

During the fourth season, Sam decides to run for Congress in his home district—the California 47th in Orange County, California — in an early 2003 special election held after deceased Democratic candidate Horton Wilde posthumously makes history by defeating arch-conservative Republican incumbent Chuck Webb.

What were the four words West Wing?

The four words? “Because I Could Die.” The President calls to Charlie to move on – Donna arrives in the Oval Office and the President tells her about a memo that he received from Josh about Molly Morello and while he believes she deserves a proclamation, he can’t give her one.

When was two cathedrals on the west wing?

Two Cathedrals. “Two Cathedrals” is the 44th episode and second season finale of The West Wing. It was first broadcast on May 16, 2001.

Where did the monologue take place in the west wing?

The monologue took place in the National Cathedral, just after Dolores Landingham’s funeral and before the president appeared on TV to admit he has hidden a disease, multiple sclerosis, from the public.

What happens in the finale of the west wing?

CRISIS BREWS IN SEASON FINALE — The Haitian army besieges the American Embassy there and Bartlet (Martin Sheen) continues his campaign to sufficiently fund the Justice Department’s case against Big Tobacco. Additionally, Toby (Richard Schiff) gets a surprising job offer and the President gets some sage advice from an unexpected corner.

What did President Bartlet say in finale of West Wing?

In Wednesday’s powerful season finale of “The West Wing,” beleaguered President Josiah Bartlet lashed out at God — in two languages. First in English and then Latin, Bartlet lamented life’s cruel twists, including the death of his longtime secretary in a drunken-driving accident, and reproached God.