What is fine cut marmalade?

A traditional, tangy marmalade made with sweet oranges from Seville, this product is perfect with an orange taste that lasts.

Is Frank Coopers marmalade vegan?

It is made with 45% fruit. It makes 30 servings and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

What is oxford cut marmalade?

The Fine Cut Oxford Marmalade is inspired by the original Sarah Jane Coopers 1874 recipe, made using the full flavour of Seville oranges, made just a little sweeter. Our fine cut is a bright and zesty marmalade appreciated by those who like a smoother spread.

Where is Frank Cooper’s marmalade made?

In 1874 Frank Cooper’s wife Sarah-Jane (1848–1932), made 76 pounds (34 kg) of marmalade to her own recipe. The marmalade proved popular, and until 1903 was made at 83–84 High Street. Frank Cooper then moved production to a new purpose-built factory at 27 Park End Street.

What is course cut marmalade?

This is a coarse cut variety, with hand cut shreds added to the fruit juice, water and sugar giving a suspension of shreds in a jewel-bright clear orange jelly.

What is muscovado marmalade?

Inspired by the original 1874 recipe, Frank Cooper’s Muscovado Coarse Cut Oxford Marmalade is crafted using only the finest Seville Oranges and premium dark Muscovado sugar. This unique recipe delivers a richly aromatic and distinct flavour experience, certain to please the most devoted marmalade lover.

Why did Dundee make marmalade?

The story of Dundee Marmalade begins back in the 18th century when a Spanish ship took refuge from a storm, in the harbour at Dundee. The grocer’s wife saw the potential in the oranges and boiled them up with sugar, to create the delicious preserve now known as Dundee Orange Marmalade.

What is the best marmalade?

The best marmalade to spread on your toast

  • JOINT-WINNER: Co-op Irresistible Seville Orange Medium Cut Marmalade.
  • JOINT-WINNER Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Bitter Seville Orange Marmalade.
  • Stokes Seville Orange Marmalade.
  • Frank Cooper’s Fine Cut Oxford Marmalade.

Do you put pith in marmalade?

Our opinion is that the pith is what will give you the balance of bitter and sweet flavours that are the hallmark of a good marmalade – make sure you include it. It’s also the part of the fruit that is high in Pectin which is what will give a nice firm consistency to your marmalade.