What is low posterior hairline?

Definition: Hairline, Low Posterior. Subjective: Hair on the neck extends more inferiorly than usual. Comments: This feature is often seen in later childhood, as the neck lengthens, in an individual who was born with redundant nuchal skin, which should be assessed and coded separately.

What does the word hairline mean?

1 : a very slender line: such as. a : a tiny line or crack on a surface a hairline bone fracture. b : a fine line connecting thicker strokes in a printed letter.

What is a straight hairline?

A straight-lined hairline does not follow the natural curve of the head, but instead is a straight line in front with 90-degree angles on the sides. It’s sometimes styled in men’s haircut, though sometimes a straight hairline can be genetic.

Is Turner’s syndrome Progressive?

Although the condition is not progressive, it can interfere with speech and language development when left untreated. Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) appears in late childhood/early adulthood and affects as many as 90 percent of this population.

How much is a hairline transplant?

The cost of a hair transplant is highly variable and typically ranges anywhere from $4,000 to $15,000. These costs are often all out of pocket. Most insurance companies consider a hair transplant a cosmetic procedure. The cost of hair transplants is dependent on many different factors.

What causes high hairline?

Hair Loss. The most common cause of a high hairline is patterned hair loss. This can be caused by many things, though Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA) and traction alopecia are the most likely of culprits.

What is low hairline at back of neck?

Low hairline at the back of neck is a feature in which a person’s hairline (where the hair follicles end) at the back of the head extends down a bit lower than usual for the average normal person in his ethnic/racial group. Low hairline can be related to some birth defects.

What does normal hairline look like?

A normal hairline for a mature male should form a U-shape and begin 2.4 inches (6 cm) to 3.2 inches (8 cm) above the eyebrows.

What is a high hairline?

A high hairline refers to a hairline that makes the forehead look larger or more exposed than a low hairline does. A high hairline may be a flattering feature, especially when it is accompanied by a flattering hairstyle. Also, this hairline is usually hereditary, and should not be confused with a receding hairline.