What is Mangalgiri silk?

Mangalagiri is a town in Guntur District in the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh. Mangalagiri silk/Pattu sarees feature a thick border that is usually woven in fine zari, making it the preferred wedding-wear saree. The pallu of the saree shines with fine zari in traditional motifs such as paisleys, flowers and vines.

Is Maheshwari silk pure silk?

Native to the town of Maheshwar in Madhya Pradesh, these artisanal weaves are hand-woven with a technique that has been preserved and handed down from the 5th century. Truly timeless in appeal, the cotton and silk weaves are distinguished by their unique zari and brocade work. …

What is mangalagiri cotton sarees?

The Mangalagiri fabric is produced by weaving with the help of pit looms from combed yarn by warp and weft interlacing. Mangalagiri sarees are woven from pure cotton . They are very popular for their delicate and distinctive designs . The sari is woven super finely in vibrant colours giving a crisp finish.

What is Narayanpet saree?

These are handloom sarees woven using interlock-weft technique. These are handwoven sarees known for its durability, affordability and low maintenance. These sarees can be found in dual shades like pink-purple and maroon-mustard with contrast pallu and border.

What is gadwal silk sarees?

The Gadwal silk sarees are simply the same in silk with a plain or butti body but with a design weave motif look on edge border of saree in golden. These motifs of borders can be in anything from floral leaves or architectural inspiration of motifs.

Is Maheshwari cotton or silk?

The maheshwari cotton-silk sarees crafted by the artisan clusters in the town of Maheshwar are handwoven with a technique that has been preserved by the community since the 5th century AD.

What is the cost of Maheshwari?

Maheshwari Silk Sarees Price List

Maheshwari Silk Sarees PriceList
Orange Maheshwari Silk Cotton Saree ₹4,167.00 ES0094760
Brown Maheshwari Silk Cotton Saree ₹6,138.00 ES0101284
Green Maheshwari Silk Cotton Saree ₹3,998.00 ES0108109
Green Maheshwari Silk Cotton Saree ₹3,583.00 ES0098508