What is Maria McKee doing now?

McKee continued to make music and tour sporadically over the next decade, making her last album, Late December in 2007. After that she largely disappeared from public eye save for a few one-off shows and film work with husband/filmmaker Jim Akin.

Is Maria McKee still married?

Personal life. McKee is married to musician and filmmaker Jim Akin.

What age is Maria McKee?

57 years (August 17, 1964)
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Where does Maria McKee live?

She and Jim used the money to make High Dive. McKee knows everyone in rock’n’roll Hollywood – the couple still live in LA – but reacts with horror when asked if she still does the whole LA rock party circuit.

Is Maria McKee bipolar?

McKee, committed to the destigmatisation of mental health diagnoses, is refreshingly open about hers: “I’m a child of trauma and the product of a certain kind of wiring,” she reveals. “As well as PTSD, I also have ADHD, OCD and Bipolar 3, the rapid-cycling, lesser version of bipolar.

Does Maria McKee have kids?

She remains married to Jim Akin, still a friend and artistic collaborator, but she has surrounded herself with a chosen queer family whose members are mostly in their 20s. “So much of La Vita Nuova is about being a mature and older person and not having a child,” McKee says.

Did Maria McKee sing live on Top of the Pops?

And I think that my performance on TOTP was one of the first and only live in the studio vocals – live on TV – and I just remember getting very carried away with being on TOTP and very excited and really doing one of my best vocal performances on live TV for that.

Who wrote the song Show Me Heaven?

Maria McKee
Eric RackinJay Rifkin
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What film is the song Show Me Heaven?

Days of Thunder
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Who has covered show me heaven?


Title Performer Release date
Show Me Heaven Ane Brun October 6, 2017
Show Me Heaven Mateo Oxley April 5, 2019
Show Me Heaven Luke Evans November 22, 2019
Show Me Heaven Marty Thomas December 6, 2019

Who sing show me heaven?

Maria McKee
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What film is show me heaven in?