What is meant by epicondyle?

: any of several prominences on the distal part of a long bone serving for the attachment of muscles and ligaments: a : one on the outer aspect of the distal part of the humerus or proximal to the lateral condyle of the femur. — called also lateral epicondyle.

What is the definition of medial epicondyle?

The medial epicondyle of the humerus is an epicondyle of the humerus bone of the upper arm in humans. It is larger and more prominent than the lateral epicondyle and is directed slightly more posteriorly in the anatomical position. Striking the medial epicondyle causes a tingling sensation in the ulnar nerve.

What is an example of a epicondyle?

Epicondyle – A prominence that sits atop of a condyle. The epicondyle attaches muscle and connective tissue to bone, providing support to this musculoskeletal system. Examples include the femoral medial and lateral epicondyles and humeral medial and lateral epicondyles.

What is the recovery time for medial epicondylitis surgery?

As movement and strength return, you will be allowed to ease back into gentle activities. The tendon should be healed about 12 weeks post-surgery, and based on progress with therapy, you will be allowed to resume more normal activities as your strength allows.

What are the two types of epicondylitis?

Two common types of epicondylitis are tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow.

What part of the body is the medical epicondyle?

epicondyle is the round portion at the end of the bone on the inside of the elbow . It’s an important part of the arm, as it is the point of attachment for the muscles that flex the elbow and rotate

What does epicondylitis mean in medical dictionary?

Medical Definition of epicondylitis. : inflammation of an epicondyle or of adjacent tissues – compare tennis elbow.

What does lateral epicondyle mean?

The term lateral epicondyle refers to two separate structures in the body that perform a similar function. The lateral epicondyle of the humerus, which is the large arm bone in the upper arm, is a protrusion located near the elbow to which tendons attach. The lateral epicondyle of the femur,…

What is the plural of epicondyle?

epicondyle (plural epicondyles) (anatomy) A protuberance above the condyle of a bone to which ligaments or tendons are attached.