What is Omnicell training?

The Omnicell subscription training program enables you and your staff to engage in training how and when you want it. Participants focus on learning, free from the distractions of their everyday work environment, and take advantage of hands-on, scenario-based training activities.

Is omnicell refrigerated?

Meet CDC Guidelines for Storing Refrigerated Medications The Omnicell® XT FlexLock is a medical refrigerator lock and temperature monitoring system that complies with the latest CDC guidelines on storing refrigerated vaccines including accurate calibration within ±0.5°C.

Which menu option do you choose to get to the cycle count button?

Press Inventory Menus from the Main Menu. 2. Press Cycle Count.

What is Pyxis and omnicell?

Pyxis and Omnicell are automatic medication dispensing systems design to provide a secure method of efficiently providing medications while offering enterprise-ready integration in a decentralized manner. These systems are mainly used in hospitals and long term health care facilities.

Where is omnicell located?

Mountain View, CA
Omnicell is headquartered in Mountain View, CA and has 17 office locations across 9 countries.

What is the mission of the Omnicell company?

Omnicell’s mission is to be your most trusted partner for medication and supply management. Building that trust starts with ensuring Omnicell technology stays up and running. We offer many convenient ways to get the product and technical support you need, when you need it.

How many outlets does an Omnicell cabinet need?

Omnicell requires the facility to provide electrical service according to Omnicell equipment specifications. The facility is responsible for all electrical and cabling costs. There needs to be one 100-240VAC outlet for each cabinet control unit and auxiliary unit in North America. For all other countries, consult the local electrical authority.

How does Omnicell automated medication dispensing system help patients?

Omnicell® automated medication dispensing systems help ensure patient safety by enabling healthcare providers to reduce medication errors. Our flexible systems also help hospitals comply with The Joint Commission and other regulatory standards, effectively capture charges, reduce nursing administrative time, and ultimately improve patient care.

How to check the status of Omnicell service tickets?

Your home base to submit or check on service requests and look up answers or how-to’s in our easy-to-navigate product documentation and training libraries. Live knowledgeable phone support based on product category. A convenient way to check the status of Omnicell service tickets, orders, and deliveries.