What is Overcranked footage?

A term for creating slow motion film is overcranking which refers to hand cranking an early camera at a faster rate than normal (i.e. faster than 24 frames per second). Slow motion can also be achieved by playing normally recorded footage at a slower speed.

What is under cranking in film?

Undercranking refers to the effect the mechanical operation of the camera has on the speed of a film. Early film cameras had to be hand-cranked to move the negative through the film gate to expose the film.

How to undercrank a camera?

To undercrank via changing the fps in camera, I can simply dive into the menu and manually bring the frame rate down to the desired rate. If I’m looking to shoot something at an extremely slow frame rate, I can head over to the interval timer and crank things down even further.

What is Undercrank mean?

Filters. (film) To shoot a scene while advancing the film in the camera more slowly than it will on screen. This results in speeding up the action in the final film.

How much can you slow down 240fps?

At 240 fps, you can play the video up to eight times slower than it was recorded. At that frame rate, a four-second video could be stretched out for more than 30 seconds and still look as smooth as if it had been shot at normal speed.

How slow is 240fps?

30 fps: 1 second. 60 fps: 2 seconds. 120 fps: 4 seconds. 240 fps: 8 seconds.

What is step printing?

What is Step-Printing ? Step-Printing is basically the duplication of a film frame. When applied to a frame sequence the duplication of multiple film frames stretches the running time of the sequence which creates a sense of slow-motion.

Are Jackie Chan fight scenes sped up?

And as a result, Chan had to take it easier, by fighting at a slower pace during filming. Not wanting to disappoint fans with a slower speed, he sped up the fights in post-production.

How much slower is 120fps?

Shooting 120 fps or 240fps gives you more information in a shot. So when you play a 120 fps video in 24fps it will be 5 times slower. So 120 frames when played at 24 frames per second will create a slow motion video.

How much can I slow down 30fps?

If you shoot at 30 fps you can slow it to 15 fps and double the frames (frames 00:00:00;00 and 00:00:00;01 will be identical.)

How many times slower is 120fps?