What is Tapeta and what is it used for?

WHAT IS TAPETA? Tapeta is a Thoroughbred Racing and Training surface comprised of a carefully selected mixture of the finest silica sand, wax and fibres that have been extensively researched and simulate the root structure of turf. Tapeta has been tried and tested in all climates at Training and Racetracks around the world.

Why was Tapeta used in the Arc de Triomphe?

The Tapeta surface at Newcastle was the choice of John Gosden to start his 2016 Arc De Triomphe winner Enable. The fact that many of the top Trainers in Newmarket (UK) van their horses 6 hours to race on the Tapeta surface at Newcastle is a testament to their confidence in its success.

What is the latest version of Tapeta Footings?

A substantial research and development programme has been in place for over 20 years utilizing the Tapeta Farm training surface and laboratory. The current Tapeta version, Tapeta 10, is the result of 10 years of dedicated study of the impact of training Thoroughbred racehorses on surfaces around the world in many different climatic conditions.

What kind of tape is used for toupee?

Here you will find the most well known toupee tape made— 3M 1522 Clear Tape. In addition, we have many other quality products such as: German Red Liner, Walker No Shine and Blue Liner, German Brown Cloth, Supertape, and Bonding strips (aka Geobond or Euro-bond). Although we have most sizes (both rolls and strips), some require a special order.

When did they start using tapeta for racetracks?

Tapeta has also been used by the United States Eventing Team as part of their training for the Olympic Games. Since the original Tapeta Racetracks were built at Presque Isle Downs and Golden Gate Fields in 2007, Tapeta Footings has continuously strived to improve the Tapeta surface.

Where can you find Tapeta surfaces in golf?

The other Tapeta surfaces in North America are found at Golden Gate Fields and Presque Isle Downs. Arlington Park and Turfway Park are the only remaining venues with Polytrack after the surface was removed at Keeneland and Del Mar last year.