What is the best strategy for Fallout Shelter?

Fallout Shelter: Tips, tricks, and strategy to keep your dwellers free of radiation

  • Plan ahead.
  • Know your dwellers.
  • Combine and upgrade rooms to your advantage.
  • Don’t expand until you upgrade (no early baby-making!)
  • Use the clipboard to best fill out your rooms.
  • Use high-level outfits to supplement your dwellers’ skills.

How does combat in Fallout Shelter work?

How does Quest combat work in Fallout Shelter? In Quest combat, you have the option to assign your Dwellers to attack certain enemies. To do so, you can either tap/click on your Dweller and then on an enemy, or you can tap/click and drag your Dweller to the enemy.

Why is Fallout Shelter so hard?

This game is even harder than the main titles, it has a stupid autosave function that you can’t turn off and everytime a radroach infestation happens, the stupid dwellers just stand there and do nothing until they die, and you only get a new gun once a week maybe unless you’re paying with real money.

Can you find pets in the Wasteland in Fallout Shelter?

Fallout Shelter pets are domestic animals added to Fallout Shelter with the 1.4 update. Pets are domesticated small animals, specifically cats, dogs and parrots, that confer a bonus effect on the dweller to which they are assigned. Assigned pets can be used either inside the vault or outside in the wasteland.

What to do when your vault becomes massive in fallout shelter?

Late in the game when your Vault becomes massive and you have a whole lot more Dwellers around, try not to have groups of Children or pregnant Dwellers together all in one area. Should something happen to any of the rooms they are located in, they won’t be able to help and will run around hysterically.

What to do with working dwellers in fallout shelter?

Try to keep a good ratio of working Dwellers to Kids. Mix up your mating pairs since anyone in the same bloodline won’t breed with another person in that same bloodline. The game will not allow incestuous relationships. Pairing Dwellers up will notify you if they are of the same bloodline.

Who is the overseer in fallout shelter?

Fallout Shelter is a simulation game in which the player runs a Vault-Tec Corporation vault as the overseer. As the overseer, one controls all of the vault’s functions including: power, food, water and the number of vault dwellers.

What are the names of the fallout shelters?

Fallout shelters are places to keep people safe from atomic/nuclear bombs and the ensuing radioactive fallout. The majority of them are underground. In the Fallout series, the main fallout shelters are called Vaults. However, there are several shelters above ground too, such as the Pulowski Preservation shelter .