What is the largest town in MA?

With a total area of 134.0 mi² (347.0 km²), Plymouth is the largest municipality in Massachusetts by area. In addition, with a population of 51,701 at the 2000 census and an estimated population of 57,901 in 2007, Plymouth is the second-largest town in the state by population (after Framingham.

What is the second biggest town in Massachusetts?

10 Largest Cities in Massachusetts

Rank Name Change
1 Boston 11.99%
2 Worcester 1.88%
3 Springfield -0.92%
4 Cambridge 14.73%

What town in Massachusetts has the lowest population?

Monroe is a town in Franklin County, Massachusetts, United States. The population was 121 at the 2010 census. By area, population and population density, it is the smallest town in the county; and is the second-smallest town by population in the Commonwealth, with only Gosnold having fewer residents.

What is the best city to live in Massachusetts?

Best Cities to Live in Massachusetts

Rank City
1 Chelmsford
2 Pittsfield
3 Cambridge
4 Natick

What president was born in Boston?

Birth places

Date of birth President State of birth
July 14, 1913 Gerald Ford Nebraska
May 29, 1917 John F. Kennedy Massachusetts
June 12, 1924 George H. W. Bush Massachusetts
October 1, 1924 Jimmy Carter Georgia

How many cities and towns are in Ma?

Cities, on the other hand, use a mayor-council or council-manager form, and are classified by the Census as ” populated places “. Based on the form of government, there are 295 towns and 56 cities in Massachusetts. Some municipalities, however, still refer to themselves as “towns” even though they have a city form of government.

What is the population of Boston MA?

675,647 in 2020

What is the population of Salem Massachusetts?

13%. Salem, MA has a population of 42,804 and is the 958th largest city in the United States. The population density is 5,162 per sq mi which is 720% higher than the Massachusetts average and 5597% higher than the national average. The median age in Salem is 36 which is approximately 8% lower than the Massachusetts average of 39.

What are the demographics of Ma?

The median age is 39.4 years of age over the entire population of Massachusetts. The gender ratio is approximately 51.5% female and 48.5% male. In terms of religious preferences in the state, 58% prefer Christian based faiths, 9% are affiliated with non-Christian based faiths, and 32% are unaffiliated with any faith.