What is the shortest distance triathlon?

super sprint distance
Perfectly suited for beginners looking to complete their first triathlon, the super sprint distance is the shortest triathlon at most venues. It usually consists of a 500-meter (0.3-mile) swim, a 10K (6.2-mile) bike and a 2.5K (1.6-mile) run.

What is a mini triathlon?

Popular sport combines cross-training, camaraderie Try a mini-triathlon! The sprint tri — affectionately dubbed a mini-triathlon — typically includes a half-mile swim, 12-mile bike ride and three-mile run, in that order. Distances vary depending on the race and course.

How far is a middle distance triathlon?

Triathlon distances

Swim Bike
Super sprint triathlon 500m 10km
Sprint triathlon 750m 20km
Standard / Olympic distance triathlon 1.5km 40km
70.3/middle/half-Ironman distance 1.9km 90km

How do I go from sprint to Olympic triathlon?

6 Tips For Moving From Sprint- To Olympic-Distance Triathlons

  1. Get in the water more. The swim is often the worry spot of many triathletes.
  2. Embrace the interval.
  3. Stop the bonk.
  4. Prepare to balance more.
  5. Make pacing a priority.
  6. Hit the bricks.

How many laps is a half mile swim?

25 Yard pool (Short Course)

Miles Yards Laps
¼ mile (Sprint Distance) about 500 yards 10 Laps
½ mile about 800 yards 16 Laps
1 mile (Olympic Distance) about 1700 yards 34 Laps
1.2 miles (Half Ironman Distance) about 2000 yards 40 Laps

What is the best triathlon for beginners?

10 best triathlons for beginners

  • Ironman Austria. 28 June.
  • The Thame Triathlon. Date TBA.
  • Eton Sprints. 23 May.
  • The People’s Triathlon. 23 August.
  • Vancouver Sprint Triathlon. 5 July.
  • The Bristol Harbourside Triathlon. 14 June.
  • Trident Standard Distance Triathlon. 29 August.
  • Brae Novice Triathlon. 31 May.

How long is a full distance triathlon?

Triathlon Distances Overview Table

Name Swim Bike
Sprint 750m 20km
Olympic 1500m 40km
Middle Distance 1900m 90km
Full Distance 3800m 180km

How much training do you need for an Olympic triathlon?

For a beginner who has some recent background in fitness or sport, we suggest you give yourself at least 16 weeks to get fit and ready for an Olympic triathlon. The sooner you start, the more time you have to build up your fitness gradually. Fitness adaptations take weeks and months to occur, rather than days.

Should I do a sprint or Olympic triathlon?

I’d do the sprint first. That way, you get some experience racing at a distance that you are confident in completing. There are always more races, and another olympic distance will come up, and you’ll be able to go into it with everything you’ve just learned from your sprint tri.

How long are the distances in a triathlon?

What are the distances in a triathlon? Swim Bike Run Super Sprint 0.19mi (300m) 5mi (8km) 1.2mi (2km) Sprint 0.47mi (750m) 12mi (20km) 3.1mi (5km) Olympic / 5150 0.93mi (1.5km) 25mi (40km) 6.2mi (10km) Half Iron / 70.3 1.2mi (1.9km) 56mi (90km) 13mi (21.1km)

How long does a Super Sprint Triathlon take?

The super sprint only takes in between about 40 and 60 minutes. The distances for this vary a lot depending on the course, but typically they’re in the neighborhood of around 300 meters for the swim, about13 kilometers for the bike and about 3 to 5 kilometers for the run.

Which is the fourth discipline of a triathlon?

Those competing in longer events will put a focus on the long run – this will be a weekly excursion and you’ll aim to gradually increase your distance over time. Often referred to as the fourth discipline of triathlon. Transition is the area between swim and bike, and bike and run.

How does training for a triathlon differ from an Ironman?

Someone training for a sprint triathlon is going to have a very different schedule when compared to an athlete preparing for an Ironman event. However, all triathlon races are endurance events. Athletes will focus on improving their ability to hold a fairly high intensity for an extended period of time.