What is the twist rate on a Savage Axis 22-250?

the Savage Arms website says that the Axis in . 22-250 caliber is only offered in 1:12″ twist. In contrast, the . 243 caliber ones have 1 to 9.25″ twist rates.

What is the best twist for a 22-250?

.22-250 Recommended Twist Rates For max velocity and accuracy with the lightest bullets, a 1:14″ twist may be ideal. More versatile is a 1:12″ twist that will allow you to shoot the popular 60-64 grain match bullets.

Are Savage Axis rifles any good?

Even with a recoil lug that sits in the rifle instead of the action, these rifles produce fantastic groups. There is nothing left to say here, Savage rifles are the most accurate for the money. For an in-depth review of accuracy with factory ammo in the Axis, check out the great 130 grain 270 winchester shootout.

What is the twist rate of a 22-250?

You see, the standard twist rate for a . 22-250 is 1:12, as opposed to the . 223 Remington, which more often than not comes with a 1:8 twist.

What’s the twist rate on a Remington 250 Savage?

250 SAVAGE 250 SAVAGE ACK 257 ROBERTS 257 ROBERTS ACK 25-284 (NO FIT) 25-06 REMINGTON 25-06 REMINGTON ACK 257 WBY MAG 8 | 9 6.5 GRENDEL 6.5×55 6.5 CREEDMOOR 260 REMINGTON 260 REMINGTON ACK 6.5×47 LAPUA 6.5-284 NORMA 6.5-06 6.5-06 ACK 6.5 Rem Mag (NO FIT) 6.5 PRC 264 WIN MAG 26 NOSLER 6.5-300 WBY MAG 8.5 | 10 6.8mm REM SPC II 270 WINCHESTER

What kind of barrel does a savage 22 250 use?

If you don’t plan to shoot at long range, a 12-twist barrel will do the job. The slower twist will give you a bit more velocity, and minimize the risk of jacket failure at high rpms. That’s one reason why the majority of factory .22-250 rifles are sold with 1:12″ twist barrels. Savage does offer some 9-twist barrel options.

What’s the best twist rate for a 22-250 Rem?

Since most .22-250 Rem shooters prefer bullets in the 50-73gr range, a good “do-it-all” solution is a 9-twist. Overall, what twist rate is best?

What are the twist rates on a Remington Jet rifle?

Twist Rates by Cartridge/Manufacturer Cartridge Twist Rate Manufacturer 22 Remington Jet 1 in 14″ Thompson/Center 22-250 Remington 1 in 10″ MOA 22-250 Remington 1 in 12″ Sako, Savage 110, 112, Thompson/Center R 22-250 Remington 1 in 14″ Browning, Remington 700,788, 40-XB, Sava