What is WADL in soapUI?

WADL is a machine readable XML description of HTTP based web-services. WADL is intended to simplify the reuse of web services that are based on the existing HTTP architecture of the Web. It is platform and language independent and aims to promote the reuse of applications beyond the basic use in a web browser.

How do I open a WADL file in soapUI?

To select the WADL file from hard drive, click Import WADL:

  1. In the dialog, you enter file name or URL of WADL definition of your RESTful web service.
  2. SoapUI Open Source supports Swagger definitions ver.
  3. Here you can see items of the REST service project:

What is a WADL file?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Web Application Description Language (WADL) is a machine-readable XML description of HTTP-based web services. WADL models the resources provided by a service and the relationships between them.

How do I create a WADL file in soapUI?


  1. Create a new Project in soapUI.
  2. Customize Resource Parameters.
  3. Export the WADL File.
  4. Customize Methods.
  5. Access WADL Files in API Explorer.
  6. Integrate Ready! API with API Portal.
  7. Download the WADL Files from Portal.

How do I import a WADL file?

Open or create a project then import the service definition in two ways:

  1. With a API/Web Service project type, click on the Import WADL icon; or.
  2. In Tests Explorer, right-click on any folder of Object Repository and select Import > From WADL.

What is not a part of a SOAP message?

A SOAP message must NOT contain a DTD reference. A SOAP message must NOT contain XML Processing Instructions.

How to create a WADL project using SoapUI?

If you do not have a WADL file to try, use the sample WADL definition file that comes with SoapUI: /SoapUI-Tutorials/WSDL-WADL/sample-service.wadl . If you use a Swagger web service, create an empty project and import Swagger specification:

Do you need a WSDL file for SoapUI?

In SoapUI, the SOAP projects mostly use WSDL services as a primary resource. It is not necessary to add a WSDL file, but if you do this, the testing process will become easier since the WSDL file usually contains all necessary information about the web service you want to test. Let us add a WSDL to the newly created project:

How does SoapUI work with RESTful Web Services?

SoapUI Open Source works with RESTful web services on the base of their definitions: WADL or Swagger. You can explore the service definitions, create and execute individual test requests, and create functional test cases and test suites. Start by creating a new project.

Where can I find the sample SoapUI project?

Tip: You can use the sample WADL file ( sample-service.wadl) located in your system’s user directory, in the SoapUI-Tutorials\\WSDL-WADL folder. Click OK. The new project will appear in the Navigator, along with the web service operations available for the REST API in question.