What kind of Watch is the Wittnauer watch?

Wittnauer is an American watch brand, but it was founded by a Swiss immigrant. That means that while these watches were marketed toward Americans, they incorporated elements of Swiss watch design. It is a pity that the brand became more and more obscure starting in the 1970s and continuing ever since. You will see that Wittnauer had a lot to offer.

When was Wittnauer watches sold to Westinghouse Electric?

1969: Longines-Wittnauer Watch Company is sold to Westinghouse Electric Corporation. 1994: company is renamed to Wittnauer International Inc following the end of distribution agreement with Longines.

When did the Wittnauer AllProof Watch come out?

When Wittnauer’s famous AllProof came out in 1918, it was marketed with the claim, “dropped 3400 feet from an aeroplane – exposed to rain for 30 hours and still running perfectly.” Note that AllProof seems to be spelled “AllProof” by some people and “All-Proof” by others.

When did Wittnauer buy the Swiss watch company Longines?

It was in 1950 during the post-war period that Wittnauer was acquired by Longines, a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer. During this time period, Wittnauer under Longines produced sports chronographs, perpetual calendar watches, and other intriguing timepieces.

How old was Albert Wittnauer when he started his business?

In 1885, 16-year-old Swiss immigrant, Albert Wittnauer joined his brother-in-law, J. Eugene Robert, in New York to work in the family watch import business. While importing fine Swiss watches to New York, he discovered a need for watches that were as stylish as they were durable.

How did Wittnauer come up with the idea of making watches?

That was when Wittnauer had an idea. If similar watches were assembled domestically or produced by their own subsidiary in Switzerland, they could be sold at significantly lower prices while still offering the same level of quality.