What mouse pad do pro players use?

SteelSeries QcK+
The SteelSeries QcK+ is one of the most widely used gaming mousepads, not only in the pro circuit but also in the more casual scene. Most gear enthusiasts will probably have used this mousepad one way or another throughout their gaming careers, and it makes sense.

What kind of mouse pad is best for gaming?

  1. Corsair MM600. The best gaming mouse pad for most users.
  2. SteelSeries QcK. The best budget gaming mouse pad.
  3. Cooler Master MP510. All shapes and sizes.
  4. Razer Sphex v2. A minimalist’s dream and ultra-thin gaming mouse pad.
  5. Roccat Taito Control.
  6. Corsair MM1000 Qi.
  7. Razer Goliathus Chroma.
  8. Corsair MM800 RGB Polaris.

Is a gaming mouse pad worth it?

Most gamers will say it’s worth it. see less Regular mouse pads are great for regular purposes, but the hard core gamers are looking for better tracking and control. It’s not that a regular mouse pad is bad, but a premium product is said to offer better tracking and less friction for more precision.

What mousepad is good for FPS?

Most gaming mouse pads are made of soft cloth, but some players (and some mouse sensors) prefer a hard surface. The best gaming mouse pad with a hard surface is the Logitech G440, which provides the same straightforward, no-nonsense experience that you’d get from Logitech’s softer options.

Why do gamers use mouse pads?

As we’ve mentioned above, a mousepad designed for gaming will provide a surface that is not only smooth but also provides enough resistance to allow the mouse to stop when you want it to. It aids in accuracy and makes the overall experience of gaming a little more forgiving – if you know what I mean.

What is the best gaming mouse pad?

One of the best gaming mouse pads to consider is CORSAIR MM800 Polaris RGB Mouse Pad. It comes with a low friction micro-textured surface for fast but at the same time precise sensor tracking.

What are the best mouse pads?

Best mouse pads for gaming 1. Corsair MM300 Extended 2. Logitech G440 3. Corsair MM800 Polaris RGB 4. Razer Firefly and Mamba Hyperflux 5. Roccat Taito Control How we test mouse pads Recommended

Is a mouse pad good for gaming?

Not to mention, a gaming mouse pad helps protect the bottom of your mouse as it goes through the wear and tear of gaming. Not only is a gaming mouse pad good for your mouse, but it also offers comfort for your wrist. Take some of the strain off your wrists and hands with a comfort mouse pad. Large mouse pads make great gaming mouse pads.

What is the best gaming mouse for a laptop?

The Razor Orochi Elite might be the best wireless gaming mouse for the laptop. At 4000dpi, it has as much as 5 times more common sensors. Some other wonderful benefits are the battery life, which is a couple of AA power packs, and Wireless compatibility.