What should be included in a business resume?

Tips for Creating a Strong Business ResumeUse a resume summary. Consider including a resume summary statement at the top of your resume. Highlight your credentials. Include your most relevant experiences. Emphasize your accomplishments. Tailor your resume to fit the job and company. Avoid clichs. Review samples.

Where do you put freelance work on a resume?

Here’s How to List Freelance Work on ResumeSustain consistency throughout the work section. Write “Freelance [your job title]”. List long-term freelance jobs as normal ones. Always mention big organizations you’ve worked for. Exclude any irrelevant information.

How do I describe my project in a resume?

This is how to add a projects section to your resume:Give it the title “Key Projects” and add it as the last section of your resume, after your skills section.Write a single sentence showing off an impressive project win.Use the PAR formula, action words and accomplishment statements.