What should be included in an undergraduate resume?

What to Include in Your ResumeFocus on education. Emphasize your academic history. Include relevant jobs. Think about the skills and experiences required for the job you want. Include extracurricular activities. Include leadership experience.

Is Acii equivalent to a degree?

“Seventeen and a half years of exam taking has to count for more than an honours degree level qualification.” A spokesman for the CII said: “The advanced diploma in financial planning sits with the QCF at level six – comparable with an honours degree.

What level is Acii?

The CII Level 6 Advanced Diploma in Insurance is an advanced qualification for insurance professionals. It provides candidates with a comprehensive and highly developed understanding of insurance practice, market knowledge and advanced application skills.

How long does it take to become CII qualified?

660 hours

What is a nominal pass mark?

Nominal pass mark Diploma and Advanced Diploma written examination units. 55% (except AF7 60%) Diploma multiple choice examination units. 65%

Which is better CII or CISI?

The CII offers courses and online revision tools. If specialist knowledge is required for more complex clients, the CII qualification may be more appropriate. The IFS exam is generally considered more practical in nature. CISI investment advice diploma and IMC level 4 plus CFA level 1 are less frequently used.

Is CII a good qualification?

The CII route is a good base qualification to start with. The fact that it is modular allows you to take each exam in the order that you wish: maybe R01 (regulation and ethics) first and R06 (financial planning process) last.

What is the pass mark for CII exams?

Pass marksUnitNominal pass markDiploma and Advanced Diploma written examination units55% (except AF7 60%)Diploma multiple choice examination units65%Certificate and Award multiple choice examination units70%

What is CII qualification equivalent to?

The CII Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning is a ‘level 6’ qualification, made up of six ‘AF’ subjects. There are a further two planned later in 2017. Level 6 is equivalent to degree standard. The CII recommend between 150 hours of study per subject and you will need to invest this amount of time to be successful.