What undergraduate degree is best for psychology?

Best Undergraduate Major For A Psychologist: Social Work Undergraduate majors such as social work, psychology or even sociology are considered to be among some of the most popular majors for students that are looking for the best undergraduate major for a psychologist.

How long is psychology degree in Singapore?

Undergraduate Programs

Course Duration
Bachelor of Psychological Science 2 years full time | 4 years part time
Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) 1 year full time | 20 months part time
Diploma of Higher Education (Majoring in Psychological Science) 8 months full time | 16 months part time

How do I become a registered psychologist in Singapore?

The minimal degree required is a Masters degree in applied psychology. This means the training included practical training in psychological assessment and psychological intervention. Your degree must include a supervised practicum. Your degree must include supervise practical work in psychological evaluations.

How long is NUS psychology degree?

two-year 24-month
The Master of Psychology (Clinical) degree in NUS Department of Psychology is a two-year 24-month full-time coursework programme based in Singapore. It provides entry level training for graduates who seek a professional career in Clinical Psychology.

Can you become a psychologist with a BA in psychology?

To become a psychologist, professionals must earn a minimum of a master’s degree in psychology. However, a bachelor of arts in psychology also prepares graduates for other careers outside the field due to its developmental course offerings: For example, K-12 teachers must also complete similar classes.

Can I Practise psychology in Singapore?

The practice of psychology in Singapore is not officially regulated by the government. Currently, many practicing psychologists in Singapore are registered or licensed in other countries or choose to register themselves with SRP.

How long is NUS psychology?


What qualifications do you need to be a psychologist in Singapore?

Which is the oldest Psychology degree in Singapore?

The NUS psychology programme was first introduced during the 1986-87 academic year and is the oldest psychology programme in Singapore. NUS offers a full undergraduate programme, including an honours course, as well as Masters and Ph.D. programmes.

Is it possible to become a psychologist in Singapore?

Click on the categories above to learn about the Psychology courses offered in Singapore. Graduates who complete an APAC -accredited four-year course majoring in psychology can apply for conditional registration as psychologists with the Psychology Board of Australia.

Is there a degree in psychology at NUS?

NUS offers a full undergraduate programme, including an honours course, as well as Masters and Ph.D. programmes. Since its inception, the psychology programme has attracted a strong response from students in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

How much does it cost to study psychology in Australia?

Accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC) and Australian Psychological Society (APS) Modules: Psychological research methods, Abnormal Behaviour, Cognitive Processes, Human Development, Self and Society, etc. Citizen & PR: S$30,083.05 (part-time), 30,291.70 (full-time)