When can you put out recycling in NYC?

Place your items curbside on the curb between 4 PM and midnight the evening before your scheduled pickup. If your pickup is before 4 PM, you must retrieve trash and recycling bins by 9 PM. If your pickup is after 4 PM, you must retrieve bins by 9 AM the following morning.

Is NYC Recycling suspended?

The New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) announced on April 17 that, due to COVID-19 budget cuts, it is suspending the voluntary curbside composting program for food scraps and yard trimmings, beginning . DSNY is continuing its mandatory curbside collection of recycled materials.

Is it mandatory to recycle in New York?

DSNY – Recycling Laws for Residents. All residents, agencies, and institutions that receive DSNY service are required to set out designated materials for recycling. In addition to mandatory recycling, food and yard waste recycling is available in certain areas throughout the City.

What can I recycle in NYC?

Plastic Items That Can Be RecycledPlastic bottles, cups, jars, and jugs (regardless of recycling number on container bottom)Beverage cartons and drink boxes (juice cartons, juice boxes)Milk cartons.Plastic cutlery (spoons, forks, knives)Plastic plates.Plastic hangers.Rigid plastic caps and lids.

Can I throw away a microwave in NYC?

You can schedule an appointment at the NYC Department of Sanitation to recycle any appliances with CFCs in them for safe disposal. You can recycle small appliances such as a hair dryer, toaster oven, or microwave.

Can you recycle aluminum foil NYC?

For starters, most items made from metal will be able to make their way into your recycling bin. That includes things like metal cans, metal caps, aluminum foil, and lids. Also, various metal items that might be found around the house can be recycled as well—like pots, wire hangers, curtain rods, etc.

How do I dispose of a TV in NYC?

You can’t dispose of electronics such as TVs and computers with your regular trash or recycling….Instead, you can:Bring them to a drop-off site.Return them to the manufacturer.Enroll in the ecycleNYC recycling program for apartment buildings with 10 or more units.

How do I dispose of a blender in NYC?

Contact 311 . Make an appointment with 311 to remove CFCs, then recycle with other rigid plastics, metal, glass, and cartons. Remove doors from refrigerators and freezers prior to set out, for safety reasons. (Microwaves, Stereos, Irons, Personal Fans, Rice Cookers, Blenders, etc .)

How do I dispose of a treadmill in NYC?

Who Offers NYC Treadmill Removal and Recycling? You can have your broken treadmill picked up with a metal recycling collection from the NYC trash pick up. You will need to make arrangements for a special collection by scheduling an appointment on their website.

How do you dispose of yard waste in NYC?

The Department of Sanitation (DSNY) collects leaves, twigs, and small grass clippings on your regular trash days. Put your items in a black trash bag or unlined trash can and place curbside for collection on your trash day.

How do I dispose of large furniture in NYC?

Now all you need to do is call 311 or go online at nyc.gov/bulk and request to schedule a pickup by the Department of Sanitation (DSNY). They will pick up all large and non-recyclable items you have – think sofas, mattresses, and large wooden furniture.

Where can I dump construction debris in NYC?

Atlas Roll-Off has an outstanding disposal facility for people from across New York to use. We are centrally located in Brooklyn and our onsite debris dump and disposal facility provides garbage disposal services for residents and contractors in all 5 boroughs of New York.

How do you dispose of luggage in NYC?

Schedule an Appointment You should make an appointment to have non-recyclable bulk items larger than 4 feet by 3 feet removed. If the item you are throwing out is 4 feet by 3 feet or smaller, you do not have to schedule an appointment. You can place the item out according to your normal collection schedule.

How do you dispose of pillows in NYC?

How to Dispose of Old PillowsRemove pillow shams or pillowcases from the old pillows. Store old pillows in a plastic garbage bag.Check with local animal shelters. Reuse the pillows as a pet bed if you have animals. Throw the pillows in the garbage if you’re unable to reuse them around your home or donate them in your community.

How do I dispose of a rug in NYC?

Carpet, Rugs and Lumber: Securely tie these together in bundles no larger than 2 x 4 feet. Before disposing of these items, check to see if you can donate or recycle them first. Find convenient drop-off locations at nyc.gov/donatenyc or more information at nyc.gov/recycle.

Can I throw away a rug?

Disposal. Used carpets and rugs that cannot be re-used should be disposed responsibly at a suitable waste disposal facility. When placed into landfill, synthetic carpets will remain largely inert, while wool carpets will decompose under anaerobic conditions to produce methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.

How do I dispose of small appliances in NYC?

Donate furniture, appliances and more via nyc.gov/donate. You can even arrange to have some things picked up. New Yorkers must separate recyclables into mixed paper or cardboard; and metal, glass, plastic or cartons. Once separated, they need to be placed in clear plastic bags or recycling bins.

How do I dispose of clothes in NYC?

Drop off your clothes at your local NYC greenmarket or request a pick up (minimums of bags apply, varies depending on borough). Drop off garments and textiles of any brand in any condition at your local H&M store. H&M has garment-collecting boxes in all stores around the world.

Who picks up clothing donations in NYC?

Donate clothes and other household items in New York, New York. Charities like Vietnam Veterans of America, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Housing Works, Our Lady Benevolent, Rescue Mission, and more will pick up your donations for free and leave you a tax deduction receipt.

Where can I sell my clothes in NYC?

NYC’s Best Consignment Shops To Sell Clothing And AccessoriesBeacon’s Closet. 23 Bogart St. Brooklyn, NY 11237. (718) 417-5683. www.beaconscloset.com. Buffalo Exchange. 504 Driggs Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11211. (718) 384-6901. www.buffaloexchange.com. Designer Revival. 324 E. 81st St. New York, NY 10028. (212) 734-3639. Plato’s Closet. 6153 Jericho Turnpike. Commack, NY 11725.