When must you conduct the initial counseling for a new NCO in your platoon?

Exactly! When you first assume the responsibilities as a Platoon Leader, you must make it a top priority to schedule time to sit down with your Platoon Sergeant and conduct your Platoon Sergeant initial counseling. You want to do this within 30 days of taking the job and preferably within the first week.

How often must you counsel your NCOs after the initial counseling?

AR 623-3 para 1-8e states: counseling will be conducted within 30 days after the beginning of the rating period, and quarterly thereafter, for NCOs, WO1s, chief warrant officers two (CW2s), lieutenants (LTs) (includes first lieutenants (1LTs) and second lieutenants (2LTs)), and captains (CPTs).

What is an initial counseling army?

Purpose: The Purpose of this Counseling is to conduct initial reception & integration counseling. Ensure that all immediate Soldier/family issues are resolved promptly, welcome Soldier to the unit/community and orient Soldier to standards.

How do you conduct an initial counseling in the army?

Effective Army leaders use a four-stage counseling process: Identify the need for counseling. Prepare for counseling….Even during informal counseling, leaders should address the four basic components of a counseling session:

  1. Open the session.
  2. Discuss the issues.
  3. Develop a plan of action.
  4. Record and close the session.

How often do you counsel an NCO?

NCOs (E-5 and above) should receive counseling quarterly unless their conduct requires it more frequently. NCO counseling is normally documented on DA Form 2166-8-1 but other formats are allowed for the initial counseling.

What is the purpose of an initial counseling?

The purpose of an initial counseling is to tell your direct reports what you expect of them. During the initial counseling session, you can discuss your leadership style, performance expectations, the unit mission and anything else. Your secret to success is preparation.

Which is an example of an initial NCO counseling?

Emphasize training. Regular and efficient training directly support and ensure both mission accomplishment and readiness. Involve all members in training; solict their suggestions for improvement and incorporate their ideas. Share lessons learned within and between sections. Commander’s focus at this time is additional duties and cross-training.

What are the duties of a S-4 NCO?

S-4 DUTY DESCRIPTIONS 1 S-4 Maintenance Management NCO. Serves as the S-4 Maintenance Management NCO in a highly deployable Area Support Group, providing all aspects of maintenance and logistical support for four Battalions and 2 Detachment First Sergeant. 3 Senior Logistics Advisor. 4 Logistics Advisor.

How to conduct an initial NCOER / OER evaluation?

A proper initial counseling cannot be conducted on the standard support form. Therefore you should use a DA FORM 4856 and a continuation page along with the support form to ensure your counseling meets expectations. Place the date of the initial counseling on the support form and/or enter it in the electronic system when the counseling is complete

What should I do as an army NCO?

Demonstrate integrity and fairness in your interactions with your Soldiers. Your actions should focus on three priorities: (1) the mission, (2) Soldier care, and (3) readiness. 3. Emphasize training. Regular and efficient training directly support and ensure both mission accomplishment and readiness.