Where does the J train go in NYC?

J trains operate between Jamaica Center (Parsons/Archer), Queens, and Broad St, Manhattan. During weekdays, J trains going to Manhattan run express in Brooklyn between Myrtle Av and Marcy Av from about 7 AM to 1 PM and from Manhattan from 1:30 PM and 8 PM.

Is the J train working today?

There are no Delays to report.

Where does the J train stop?

Queens stations

Subway Station Entrance and Exit Location(s)
Jamaica Center Parsons/ Archer Parsons Blvd. and Archer Ave., 153 St. and Archer Ave., 158 St. and Archer Ave.
Sutphin Blvd Archer Av JFK Airport Sutphin Blvd. and Archer Ave.
121 St 121 St. and Jamaica Ave., 123 St. and Jamaica Ave.
111 St 111 St. and Jamaica Ave.

Why is the J train so slow?

Crumbling tracks, ancient signals and decrepit trains are only partly to blame for subway rides taking so long. The straightaway speed limit was lowered from 50-55 mph to 40 after that crash, which killed the J-train operator and injured more than 50 passengers.

Is the J train above ground?

The J train is actually an amalgamation of three above ground lines: the Broadway Elevated, the Canarsie Railroad Company and the Fulton Street elevated. Fun fact: the section between Alabama Avenue and Cypress Hills, built in 1888, is the oldest surviving transit structure that exists in the subway system.

Are the J and Z train the same?

The J operates at all times while the Z, operating internally as its rush-hour variant, runs with six trips in each peak direction on weekdays; both services run through the entirety of the BMT Archer Avenue and Jamaica lines, via the Williamsburg Bridge, and the Nassau Street Line between Jamaica Center–Parsons/Archer …

Is there a problem with the A train?

The A Train reported Local to Express for 100 % of the day. There are no Delays to report.

Is the J or Z train express?

The J Nassau Street Local and Z Nassau Street Express are two rapid transit services in the B Division of the New York City Subway.

Is the J train good?

The J isn’t the worst-performing train — its average “on-time” rate as of 2017 was 64 percent, according to the MTA, on par with many other under-performing lines — but it’s one of the least appreciated. It has no speedy sections like the stations-skipping A in Manhattan or the D in The Bronx.

How often is the J train in service?

Compare the average uptime of the J subway line with the average uptime of all subway lines. Uptime is considered when the train is in Good Service . The J Train reported Good Service for 100 % of the day. There are no Delays to report. Compare the average uptime of the J subway line with the average uptime of all subway lines.

Where does the JJ train run in New York City?

Thus non-rush hour JJ trains ran between Jamaica and Broad Street, while morning rush hour JJ trains ran to Canal Street, and afternoon rush hour JJ trains ran between Canal Street and Atlantic Avenue or Crescent Street.

Which is the last station on the J train?

Terminal station: The first or last station on a line. Local service: A train which always operates and stops at every station on the line. Express service: A train that does not always operate or sometimes skips a station. ADA accessible stations: Stations that have features to accommodate customers with disabilities.

When was the first train from Jamaica to New York City?

Manhattan-bound rush hour skip-stop service between Jamaica and East New York was implemented on June 18, 1959, with trains leaving 168th Street on weekdays between 7 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. Express 15 trains served “A” stations, while the morning 14 became the Jamaica Local, running between Jamaica and Canal Street, and stopped at stations marked “B”.