Where does the right intercostal vein drain?

The posterior intercostal veins drain into the azygos vein (right side), and hemiazygos and accessory hemiazygos veins (left side). The latter two veins ultimately drain into the azygos vein. The azygos vein then drains into the superior vena cava.

Where does the first intercostal vein drain into?

brachiocephalic vein
The 1st posterior intercostal vein, supreme intercostal vein, drains into the brachiocephalic vein or the vertebral vein.

Where does the left intercostal vein drain?

The left superior intercostal vein drains the left posterosuperior hemithorax and is considered to be part of the azygos venous system even though it does not directly drain into the azygos vein.

Where do intercostal arteries drain?

The intercostal veins are a group of veins which drain the area between the ribs (“costae”), called the intercostal space. Posterior intercost veins that drain into the Superior intercostal vein – 2nd, 3rd, and 4th intercostal spaces….

Intercostal veins
Latin Venae intercostales
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How right superior intercostal vein is formed?

The right superior intercostal vein is visualised on CT examination as a circular opacity laterally at the right aspect of the vertebral body at the T4-T5 level. In venographic examination the RSIV appears to be formed by the confluence of the venous channels, the right second, third and fourth intercostal veins.

Where does the Hemiazygos vein drain?

The azygos vein drains into the superior vena cava. At approximately T8–T9 the hemiazygos veins join the azygos vein usually posterior to the aorta. The accessory hemiazygos joins the azygos at T7–T8 crossing posterior to the aorta [1].

What is the supreme intercostal vein?

The supreme intercostal vein (highest intercostal vein) is a paired vein that drains the first intercostal space on its corresponding side. It usually drains into the brachiocephalic vein. It can also drain into the superior intercostal vein, or the vertebral vein of its corresponding side.

What artery supplies the intercostal muscle?

Along with the posterior intercostal arteries, the anterior intercostal arteries supply the muscles and skin within the intercostal spaces as well as the parietal pleura.

Where does the accessory Hemiazygos vein drain?

The accessory hemiazygos vein, also called the superior hemiazygos vein, drains the superior left hemithorax. In a majority of cases there is a small connection to the left superior intercostal vein, and rarely, 1–2% of the time, the accessory hemiazygos vein drains into the brachiocephalic vein [3].

Is azygos vein normal?

Azygos and hemiazygos continuation of the inferior vena cava (IVC) was not common in daily life. It is very hard to observe, particularly when it is not associated with congenital heart disease or deep venous thrombosis.

What does the accessory Hemiazygos vein drain?

The accessory (or superior) hemiazygos vein forms part of the azygos system and along with the hemiazygos vein, it is partially analogous to the right-sided azygos vein. It drains the left superior hemithorax.

What drains anterior intercostal veins?

The anterior intercostal veins are the veins which drain the anterior intercostal space….

Anterior intercostal veins
Drains to internal thoracic vein
Artery anterior intercostal arteries
Latin venae intercostales anteriores

The first intercostal vein drains into the brachiocephalic veins on both sides. The left superior intercostal vein is connected to the left brachiocephalic vein, whereas on the right it joins the azygos vein. There are no valves in either the SVC or the brachiocephalic veins. Sign in to download full-size image

Where does the intercostal blood supply come from?

The intercostal venous blood generally courses in the opposite direction of the arterial supply and drains into the azygos system of veins (see Figs. 6-11 and 6-13, A ). The azygos vein originates from one or more of the following: inferior vena cava, right renal vein, and right ascending lumbar vein.

Where are the superior and Subcostal veins located?

Intercostal vein. The anterior veins drain out the anterior regions. The superior veins drain blood from the second, third, and fourth intercostal spaces. The supreme veins drain from the first costae. Lastly, the subcostal veins are situated directly under the lowermost rib and are similar to the posterior veins.

Where are the intercostal spaces located in the rib cage?

The intercostal spaces, often abbreviated as ICS, are located between two ribs. Rib cages consist of 11 of these spaces in total. Another common word for the intercostal spaces is ‘costae.’ A handful of different divisions of these veins exist. These divisions are posterior veins, anterior veins, superior veins, supreme veins, and subcostal veins.