Where is Borderlands 2 Save file Mac?

The location of the Borderlands 2 game save file on OS X has changed to: /Users//Library/Saved Application State/com. aspyr. borderlands2.

How do I save in Borderlands 2?

whenever you get near a New-U, the game saves. You’ll hear a chime effect, and the vault symbol will flash on and off in the top corner of your screen. IIRC it should also save whenever you fast travel.

Where do I find my saved games on Mac?

On OS X, your saved games folder is located inside of the Library/Application Support directory inside of your user folder, but of course these folders aren’t easy to find the normal way. The easy way to get there is to just paste this into the Spotlight search window and hit the enter key.

Where are the save files for Borderlands 2?

Open the file located in: My Documents/My Games/Borderlands/SaveData.

Can you play Borderlands 2 between Mac and PC?

The latest update on the Windows version of Borderlands 2 has disabled cross-play between Windows, Mac, and Linux. Currently, Mac and Linux players are unable to connect with Windows players. We encourage players to join our #Borderlands Discord Channel to coordinate co-op matches with other Mac players.

Do you have to save on Borderlands 2?

You can create multiple characters to start new games and continue each independently. You can use New Game to start a new character or Select Character to play a previously made character; all their progress is saved.

How do I save borderlands?

So if you’re playing Borderlands 3 and want to save, don’t worry: The game has already done it for you. Whenever you’re done, just go to your pause menu and exit out of the game. When you’re ready to dive back in, just load the character you want to play as and continue your journey.

How do I access my saved files on a Mac?

Here are a dozen ways you can open files on a Mac.

  1. Double-click to Open Files.
  2. Drag and Drop to Open Files.
  3. Open Files from the Keyboard.
  4. Open any File from an Open Dialog.
  5. Re-Open a File from the Open Recent Menu.
  6. Open Files from a Dock Icon.
  7. Open Files from the Recent Items Menu.
  8. Use Spotlight to Open Files.

Where is my Minecraft save file on Mac?

So go to your Mac’s home folder, open the now-visible library folder, go into ‘Application Support,’ then ‘Minecraft,’ and finally ‘Saves’ (if you’re lost, check out the screenshot below). You will see all of your Minecraft world files/save files in this folder.

How do I transfer Borderlands 2 saves to PC?

From the platform that currently has the save file that you want to transfer:

  1. In the main menu of Borderlands 2 select the character you wish to transfer.
  2. Select the bottom option on the menu, “Cross-Save”
  3. While connected to the Sony Entertainment Network/PSN select “Upload Current Character”

If you’re playing Borderlands 2 on a Windows operating system, the save files are simple enough to find. Unlike other games, they aren’t inside the Steam Directory. Instead, they can be found in ‘Documents’, specifically at:

Why do I have a copy of Borderlands 2?

The most common reason is to create a copy of the save files to prevent game progress loss if the original save data gets damaged or lost. Also, rely on the backup versions, you can return back to the previous game conditions for a new beginning.

How can I restore borderlands to previous version?

You can copy the whole SaveData folder to another safe place. Right-click the folder where the Borderlands save files are in (the steam ID folder) and choose Properties. Move to the Previous Version tab, select the previous version you prefer to have based on its time and date, finally choose Restore.

How do I transfer files from Borderlands to Epic?

Find all answers here. To transfer files from Borderlands Steam save location to Borderlands Epic save location, just copy all items from the source platform folder, and paste them into the destination platform folder. Those files include a profile.sav (tracking your Options preferences) and all numbered.sav files (representing your Vault Hunters).