Where is Sarangani Bay located?

Sarangani Bay is a bay located on the southern tip of Mindanao in the Philippines. It opens up to the Celebes Sea on the Pacific Ocean.

Which part of the Philippines is Sarangani?

The province is divided into two sections, separated by the Sarangani Bay and city of General Santos, and it used to be part of South Cotabato until it was made an independent province in 1992….

Country Philippines
Region Soccsksargen
Founded November 28, 1992
Capital Alabel

What is Sarangani known for?

The municipalities of Maasim, Kiamba, and Maitum are known for paragliding, diving, and river tubing adventures respectively. Also, not to be missed when in these places are their food products and delicacies one can’t find elsewhere.

What region does Sarangani belong?

Sarangani is a province of the Philippines located in the SOCCSKSARGEN region. Its capital is Alabel.

What do you call the people of Sarangani?

Source: Wikipedia – Verbatim. The early inhabitants who first inhabited Sarangani were the indigenous natives, called “MunaTo,” a native term for “first people.” Before its inception in 1992, Sarangani was part of South Cotabato and held its title as the Third District of South Cotabato.

Who owns Sarangani Bay?

Alsons Aquaculture Corporation
Sarangani Bay is bred and cultured to perfection by Alsons Aquaculture Corporation, the only fully integrated farm–to–market fish processing operation in the country.

What is the nickname of Sarangani?

Nickname(s): Gateway to Southern Philippines. Hot Springs Capital of Davao Occidental.

Why you should visit Sarangani?

Sarangani is also a land of eco-cultural wonders. Its ridge to reef landscape teems with off-beaten destinations that will surely satisfy your craving for thrill and adventure. You’ll also learn a lot about the different indigenous peoples who have been protecting the rich resources of Sarangani for centuries.

What is the meaning of Maitum jar?

Maitum anthropomorphic pottery
The jars are anthropomorphic; characterized by a design that suggests human figures with complete or partial facial features of the first inhabitants of Mindanao. Furthermore, they give emphasis to the Filipinos’ popular belief of life after death. According to Dr.

What is Sarangani Bay Festival?

Sarangani Bay Festival, also known to the locals as Sarbay Fest, is an annual event in Sarangani Province. The festival is held on every third week of May. Arguably the most popular beach event in the southern region of the Philippines, Sarbay festival is a must-attend for many tourists.

Where is Sarangani Province located in the Philippines?

Located in the southern tip of the Philippines, a tropical paradise, is the Province of Sarangani. Nature trippers find refuge in the clean peaceful white sand beach. Dive and snorkeling fanatics can’t get enough of the marvelous diving grounds where exotic and untouched coral gardens spread out.

Where is the mouth of Sarangani Bay located?

Jurisdictionally, the bay has a larger mouth with an imaginary line perpendicular to the coast connecting Pinol Point in Maitum and Tinaca Point in Glan. This defines the greater Sarangani Bay, which is the Protected Seascape of Sarangani Province of Southern Mindanao.

What are the names of the towns in Sarangani?

Sarangani is divided into two (eastern and western) sections, separated by the Sarangani Bay and General Santos in the middle. The western portion comprises the towns of Maitum, Kiamba, and Maasim, and is bounded on the north by South Cotabato and on the northwest by Sultan Kudarat.

Are there any pelagic fisheries in Sarangani Bay?

The study covered two municipal landing sites in Sarangani Province and one site in General Santos City, with its fishing ground in Sarangani Bay, to have information on the status of pelagic resources. Results show a decreasing trend in catches of pelagic species from 92% in 2008 to 86% in 2012.