Where is the Big Hole MT?

Big Hole is located on Highway 43 ten miles west of the town of Wisdom in southwestern Montana.

What is the biggest valley in Montana?

Big Hole River
At 15 to 20 miles across, nearly 75 miles long, and 6,000 plus feet in elevation, this is the state’s highest and broadest valley. Centerpiece is the Big Hole River. Native Americans called it “waters of the pocket gopher” amongst other names, and the Corps of Discovery labeled it Wisdom River.

How did the Big Hole River get its name?

When you think of fly fishing a mountain river, you instinctually envision the Big Hole. From its headwaters at Skinner Lake, the river falls into the Big Hole Valley. Named by trappers who used to call valleys “holes,” this high mountain meadow lives up to its name.

What kind of fish are in the Big Hole River?

The Big Hole River is as diverse as it is divine. Home to 5 species of game fish, brown trout, rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, brook trout, and the Lower 48’s last remaining strong hold of native fluvial arctic grayling.

What happened at Big Hole Battlefield Montana?

Big Hole National Battlefield was the site of a battle between the U.S. Army with Montana citizen volunteers and the Nez Perce people on August 9-10, 1877. Exhausted, cold, and hungry, the remaining Nez Perce surrendered at the Battle of Bear Paw on October 4, 1877.

What happened at the big hole?

On August 9, 1877 gun shots shattered a chilly dawn on a sleeping camp of Nez Perce. By the time the smoke cleared on August 10, almost 90 Nez Perce were dead along with 31 soldiers and volunteers. Big Hole National Battlefield was created to honor all who were there.

What famous person lives in Montana?

Notable members include a number of American celebrities & icons such as Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, Warren Miller, Phil Mickelson, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, Dan Quayle, Greg LeMond, Jack Kemp, Tom Brady, Jeff Bridges, and of course, Bill Gates. Apparently, Montana is the place to be.

Is there a banana belt in Montana?

The Bitterroot Valley is known as the “Banana Belt” of Montana as the weather is far less severe than in other parts of the state. Spring and fall are also mild and tend to be drier and warmer than the rest of Montana, and are excellent times to visit the area.

Where does the Big Hole River start and end?

Jefferson River
Big Hole River/Mouths

No matter where you call home, there’s no better fly fishing destination than the Big Hole River in Montana. The Big Hole River flows for 155 miles, starting near the Montana-Idaho border in the Beaverhead Mountains at Skinner Lake. Its final turn takes it into Twin Bridges as it dumps into the Jefferson River.

How deep is the Bitterroot River?

about three feet
Characteristics. An amazing characteristic of the Bitterroot River is average depth for size of the river. Once you’ve gone south to Florence Bridge and above, the average depth of the Bitterroot is about three feet. This is on a western Montana trout river that can be over 125 feet wide in places.

How many fish per mile is Big Hole River?

3000 fish per mile
The Big Hole River in Montana, one of the best fly fishing rivers in Southwest Montana. With more than 3000 fish per mile, the river is an angler’s dream.

What are hoot owl restrictions?

What are Hoot Owl restrictions? The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) is requesting that anglers voluntarily avoid fishing after 12 p.m. on select waters throughout California. These voluntary angling recommendations will be triggered by ongoing monitoring of select fisheries across California.