Where is the Mandragora root in Lightning Returns?

The Mandragora Root can be purchased from 10:00 – 19:00 in a shop marked “Grocer” which is found just east of the Inn in South Station. It costs 400 gil. Finally, the Shaolong Gui Shell can be purchased from Seger in Old Town for 600 gil. Return all the ingredients to the Chocobo Emporium and have her make the potion.

How many side quests are there in Lightning Returns?

There are 66 standard Side Quests to be found in the game – 20 in Luxerion, 16 in Yusnaan, 22 in The Wildlands and 8 in The Dead Dunes. Click on the links below for the description of each quest.

Where is the starlit Spice?

Go to the Wall of Joy area (near the General Store) in the Warren to find Rubrio. He will make the Starlit Spice for you but needs two Niblet Hairballs.

Where to buy Mandragora root in Final Fantasy XIII?

Seger sells the Shaolong Gui Shell in Old Town for 600 Gil (open @ 6:00 AM) Female Grocer sells the Mandragora Root for 400 Gil at South Station next to the Innkeeper (open @ 10:00 AM)

Where do I find Mandragora root Lightning Returns?

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Where do you find Mandragora in Bravely Default?

In Bravely Default, the Mandragora is a plant-type enemy fought in the Eternia Region (Day) and passages to Eternian Central Command. Its Poison Pollen ability damages the entire party and can inflict Poison. They appear in large groups.

Who are the Mandragora minions in Final Fantasy?

A mandragora minion known as the ” Kidragora ” is available to adventurers, as well as many other minions from the mandragora family. In one of the sub quests involving Hildibrand Manderville, the Mandragora royals appear when the thief of many faces recruits them to crash the wedding reception of Arella so he can steal her necklace.