Where was the movie Ruby in Paradise filmed?

Panama City
Ruby in Paradise was filmed on location in Panama City, Florida at locations including Show N Tail gentleman’s club and White Western Cabin.

How old is Ashley Judd in Ruby in Paradise?

24-years old
Ashley Judd was 24-years old when she was cast as Ruby Lee Gissing, a young girl looking to start a new life after her mother passes away.

What is the movie Ruby in Paradise about?

Reeling from her mother’s recent death, Ruby Lee Gissing (Ashley Judd) relocates to Florida to start anew. After finding a job at a souvenir store, Ruby becomes friends with the shop’s owner, Mildred Chambers (Dorothy Lyman), and slowly acclimates to her new surroundings. Before long, she’s juggling the affections of Mildred’s Lothario son, Ricky (Bentley Mitchum), and the good-natured Mike (Todd Field). As she wavers between Ricky and Mike, Ruby also tries to come to terms with her past.
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How old was Ashley Judd in Double Jeopardy?

Nearly a month after shattering her leg in a jungle in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ashley Judd has far from recovered. The Double Jeopardy actress (52) says she’s been trying to make sense of the events that led to the “catastrophic” incident.

Who is Ashley Judd married to now?

Dario Franchittim. 2001–2013
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What nationality is Ashley Judd?

Ashley Judd/Nationality

Ashley Judd (born Ashley Tyler Ciminella; April 19, 1968) is an American actress and political activist.

What are the Judds doing today?

Over the years, The Judds have reunited for special tours, most recently coming together for a residency at The Venetian Theatre in Las Vegas. “For me, it’s the fans. That energy, that exchange of, ‘I’ll tell you my story, if you tell me yours,'” Naomi says.

How old is Naomi Judd now?

75 years (11 January 1946)
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She’s very courageous. She can’t get out of bed [yet].” Naomi, 75, also touched on living close to both Ashley and her older daughter Wynonna Judd, in what she calls the “Peaceful Valley.”

Who is Ashley’s partner?

Who are the actors in Ruby in Paradise?

Ruby in Paradise. Ruby in Paradise is a 1993 film written, directed, and edited by Victor Nunez, and starring Ashley Judd, Todd Field, Bentley Mitchum, Allison Dean, and Dorothy Lyman.

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What happens at the end of Ruby in Paradise?

He isn’t easily discouraged, is angered with her, tells lies to his mother, and causes her to lose her job. And then there is a low, bleak period of unemployment and desperation, even involving a brief visit to a topless joint where she considers, and rejects, the idea of becoming a stripper.

Ruby in Paradise was filmed on location in Panama City, Florida at locations including since murdered Alan “Frog” Johnson’s Show N Tail and John Pilcher’s White Western Cabin.