Which battleship is best?

5 Great Battleships of World War 2

  1. The Yamato. Despite the devastating impact Japan’s carrier fleet had at Pearl Harbor, battleships were still important to the Imperial Japanese Navy.
  2. The Bismarck.
  3. The Musashi.
  4. The Tirpitz.
  5. The USS Missouri.

What should I watch after battleship?

10 Best Movies Like Battleship to Watch in 2021

  • Pacific Rim. Available on Netflix | Amazon Prime.
  • Ender’s Game. Available on Netflix | Amazon Prime.
  • The Avengers. Available on Netflix | Amazon Prime.
  • Independence Day. Available on Netflix.
  • Edge of Tomorrow.
  • Transformers.
  • The Matrix.
  • World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles.

Which country has the best battleships in ww2?

Bismarck. The German Navy’s Bismarck lived a short life that supplies the stuff of literature to this day. Widely considered the most capable battleship in the Atlantic during World War II, Bismarck sank the battlecruiser HMS Hood, pride of the Royal Navy, with a single round from her main battery.

Why was battleship banned?

The film was rejected when first submitted to the BBFC in September 1926, on the grounds that films should not address issues of ‘political controversy’ and that Potemkin’s pro-Revolutionary message was therefore unacceptable for classification.

Is there going to be a Battleship 2 movie?

Battleship 2 is set to release in May 2021, unless that’s all a swerve and your ship really is at… C12!

What year was the movie Battleship made?

April 11, 2012 (Indonesia)
Battleship/Release date

What was the story of the movie Battleship?

… An international fleet of naval warships encounters an alien armada while on a Naval war games exercise and faces the biggest threat mankind has ever faced. An intense battle is fought on sea, land and air. If they lose, the world could face a major extinction event and an alien invasion.

Is the movie Battleship a good summer movie?

The dialog isn’t Oscar-worthy, but is sometimes quite witty. In the end, Battleship is a prototypical summer actioner. It’s nowhere nearly as good as The Avengers, but as a very different type of film is still worth seeing if big-budget mayhem is your thing.

What was the highest grossing naval movie of all time?

During the Napoleonic Wars, a brash British captain pushes his ship and crew to their limits in pursuit of a formidable French war vessel around South America. Votes: 194,831 | Gross: $93.93M 4. K-19: The Widowmaker (2002) Error: please try again.

Which is the best Navy movie of all time?

Damn the Defiant (1962) – Lewis Gilbert’s overlooked British entry fires on all cylinders. Set during the Napoleonic Wars at the end of the eighteenth century, Captain Crawford (Alec Guinness) runs a tight ship, the H.M.S Defiant, even bringing on his young son as apprentice crewman in his pursuit of the French at sea.