Which component of Struts 2 can be useful?

The Struts 2 provides supports to POJO based actions, Validation Support, AJAX Support, Integration support to various frameworks such as Hibernate, Spring, Tiles etc, support to various result types such as Freemarker, Velocity, JSP etc.

What is the use of interceptors in struts?

Interceptors can execute code before and after an Action is invoked. Most of the framework’s core functionality is implemented as Interceptors. Features like double-submit guards, type conversion, object population, validation, file upload, page preparation, and more, are all implemented with the help of Interceptors.

What are the components of Struts 2 architecture?

The architecture and flow of struts 2 application, is combined with many components such as Controller, ActionProxy, ActionMapper, Configuration Manager, ActionInvocation, Inerceptor, Action, Result etc.

Which class is the front controller in Struts 2?

Front Controller is StrutsPrepareAndExecuteFilter. It uses the concept of RequestProcessor class while processing request. It uses the concept of Interceptors while processing the request. It has only JSP for the view component.

What is the difference between Struts and interceptors?

Filters are from Servlet API and Interceptors are from Struts 2 , Difference comes when we talk about web applications and enterprise apps, filter is used only in web applications whereas interceptor can be used with web as well as enterprise applications. Life cycle methods of both, also differs.

What are the components of struts?

The core of struts, which is based on MVC architecture, is the controller component. The controller is a Servlet that receives requests from the application….Action Class

  • struts. UpdateProductAction”/>

What do you need to know about Struts 2 interceptors?

Struts2 Framework Interceptors Sr.No Interceptor & Description 1 alias Allows parameters to have differen 2 checkbox Assists in managing check boxes 3 conversionError Places error information 4 createSession Automatically creates an H

What are the interview questions for strut 2?

This is the basic Strut 2 Interview Questions asked in an interview. In Strut 1, action class is not POJO and need to inherit abstract class. The front controller is action servlet. It has only JSP for the component view. In strut 1, a configuration file can be placed inside the WEB-INF directory.

How is Struts 2 based on Servlet Filter?

The interceptors are based on struts 2. It executes for all the request qualifies for a front controller that is servlet filter and can be configured to execute additional interceptor for particular action execution. Methods in interceptor can be configured whether to execute or not by means of exclude methods or include methods.

How to deploy Hello World Struts 2 interceptors?

Right click on the project name and click Export > WAR File to create a War file. Then deploy this WAR in the Tomcat’s webapps directory. Finally, start Tomcat server and try to access URL http://localhost:8080/HelloWorldStruts2/index.jsp. This will produce the following screen −