Who are the golfers in the Titleist commercial?

Titleist debuts its new line of the Pro V1 and Pro V1X golf balls. LPGA and PGA players like Webb Simpson and Cristie Kerr step up to the tee and drive the ball down the course as Titleist states the ball is said to go further and have a softer feel.

What is the most expensive golf ball on the market?

Dixon Fire
Arizona-based golf company Dixon Golf currently sells the world’s most expensive golf balls, the Dixon Fire, which retails at a wallet-sapping $74.99 per dozen.

Can a drone track a golf ball?

Small, light-weight FPV drones are capable of following a golf ball or chasing an arrow. FPV drones can reach incredibly high speeds. Modern drones focused on videography do not have strong enough motors and cannot fly fast enough to keep up with these airborne projectiles.

What does FJ stand for on Titleist hats?

How many of you have seen the titleist FJ hats? I know, the FJ stands for Foot Joy, but who cares? Seems like the perfect match for me, my favorite golf ball with an FJ embroidered on the side of the hat. Get ’em while they’re hot!

What replaced Titleist DT SoLo?

DT TruSoft
Titleist introduced the DT TruSoft to replace its popular DT SoLo golf ball back in 2016. It had the lowest compression of a Titleist ball with the aim of reducing spin on longer shots for more distance and straighter ball flight at slower swing speeds, as well as softer feel on all shots.

Why are volvik golf balls so expensive?

Volvik Vista iV – $48 per dozen Volvik may be a lesser-known brand for the layperson, but golfers know that Volvik stands for quality. This brand is famous for having the best-colored golf balls in the industry. Volvik Vista balls cost as much as they do because they can definitely deliver on performance.

Do they use drones in golf?

For the most part, the drones stay safely out of the way, typically behind the golfers. They are capable of zipping along at 55 mph, and, for safety reasons, aren’t flown over the gallery.