Who funds crunchbase?

In 2015, Crunchbase separated from AOL/Verizon/TechCrunch to become a private entity. In September 2015, in conjunction with the spin out, Crunchbase announced $6.5 million in funding raised from Emergence Capital. This was shortly followed with a follow-up round of $2 million in November 2015.

What is crunchbase funding?

Crunchbase is a prospecting platform for dealmakers who want to search less and close more. Crunchbase’s best-in-class private company data offers insight into target companies’ teams, funding status, growth trends, tech stack, web traffic, investments, and more, to personalize the outreach and increase engagement.

Who acquired Yodlee?

Financial services software company Envestnet (ENV) announced on Monday that it has acquired financial data mining and technology company Yodlee in a cash and stock transaction valued at $18.88 per share, or approximately $660 million.

Is there a free version of Crunchbase?

The free version of Crunchbase helps you learn more about the companies you care about at no cost.

How do you get funding on Crunchbase?

Crowdfunding and SBA microloans or microlenders may be the best option if you want greater control of your company. However, if you want a more sizable sum of money, venture capitalists, angel investors and private equity firms are better suited for your needs.

How does Yodlee make money?

But when bank customers use those tools, Yodlee has another way of making money: The company sells some of the data it gathers from credit- and debit-card transactions to investors and research firms, which mine the information for clues about trends that can move stock prices.

How much is Crunchbase per year?

Crunchbase Starter is $29 a month, billed annually.

Do you have to pay back seed funding?

If it is a small enough amount of money, you’ll be able to pay them back over time even if the venture fails. If the venture succeeds, you can pay them back quickly and you have not given up any stake in the company.