Who is behind the voice of Naruto?

Junko Takeuchi
Maile FlanaganStephanie ShehCindy RobinsonEma Kogure
Naruto Uzumaki/Voice actors

Fewer people know that the English voices of these rambunctious males are supplied by women: Maile Flanagan, 53, plays Naruto; Amanda Miller, 31, is Boruto; and Colleen Clinkenbeard, 38, is Luffy.

Who is the voice of Sasuke?

Yuri Lowenthal
Noriaki Sugiyama
Sasuke Uchiha/Voice actors

Why is Naruto voiced by a girl?

Employing a female seiyuu allows the character a high-pitched, youthful, cute sound, and the series can go on for decades without any need to replace the voice (whereas if a young male had been cast, his voice might break and become too low for the character).

Does Naruto’s voice get better?

Naruto’s voice does not change and he sounds ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong she’s a good actress, but she’s also the main character so if you find her voice grating it can be a big turnoff since that is the voice you hear more than any other. John Watson: “Well it isn’t obvious to me.”

Is Naruto a girl or boy?

Introduced as a young orphan boy of 12 years with blond, spiky hair and blue eyes, Naruto Uzumaki graduates as a ninja from Konohagakure while bonding with his teacher Iruka Umino. Naruto seeks attention as he was ridiculed during his childhood.

Who is 11th Hokage?

Jiraiya (自来也) is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.

How do I make my voice sound like Sasuke?

Be quiet. Sasuke rarely talks, but when he does, he keeps it brief and to the point. Start buttoning up some and you might notice the same thing happen. If you’re less likely to talk, when you do choose to speak, make sure it’s to the point and serious, and you’ll quickly get a reputation as a person to be listened to.

Who are the main voice actors in Naruto?

Main Naruto Cast. Naruto Uzumaki. voiced by Maile Flanagan and 6 others. Sasuke Uchiha. voiced by Yuri Lowenthal and 5 others. Sakura Haruno. voiced by Kate Higgins and 7 others. Kakashi Hatake. voiced by Dave Wittenberg and 6 others.

Who are the voices of Naruto?

Junko Takeuchi (left) and Maile Flanagan (right) voiced Naruto Uzumaki in the anime’s Japanese and English versions, respectively. Although a male voice actor was sought for the Japanese adaptation of the Naruto role, the actress Junko Takeuchi was chosen instead over many male applicants.

Is Naruto voice actor a girl?

Even in English, Naruto is voiced by a girl, as well :D. Pikachu sounds like the Japanese version of the English Rini , in Sailor Moon (1992). Rini, in English, is voiced by Sugar. I forgot her real name, but I only know her as Sugar, formerly from YTV (Canadian children’s channel).

Who plays the voice of Orochimaru in Naruto?

Steve Blum is the English dub voice of Orochimaru in Naruto, and Kujira is the Japanese voice. TV Show: Naruto. Franchise: Naruto.