Who is the author of Saraswatichandra TV serial?

It was created by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and written by Ved Raj and Abhijit Sinha. This TV serial is based on Gujarati novel Saraswatichandra by Goverdhanram Tripathi. So, let’s see all characters real names of Saraswatichandra with photographs.

Which is the real name of Kumud Saraswatichandra?

So, let’s see all characters real names of Saraswatichandra with photographs. Kumud Saraswatichandra Vyas real name is Jennifer Winget. Kusum Danny Vyas real name is Shiny Doshi. Gumaan Laxminandan Vyas real name is Monica Bedi. Gunyal Vidyachatur Desai real name is Alpana Buch. Gyanchatur Desai real name is Mehul Kajaria.

Who is the real name of Umesh Solanki in Saraswatichandra?

Sub-Inspector Umesh Solanki real name is Mithil Jain. Murakh Das real name is Shahrukh Sadri. To watch all episodes / old episodes of Saraswatichandra TV serial, please visit the official site of Star Plus. Alternatively, you could also visit the official YouTube channel of Star Plus.

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Who is the husband of Saraswati in Saraswatichandra?

Saras and Kumud have their first child. Gautam Rode as Saraswatichandra “Saras” Vyas: Saraswati and Laxminandan’s son; Danny and Kabir’s brother; Kumud’s husband Varun Kapoor as Danny Vyas – Saras and Kabir’s younger half-brother; Laxminandan and Gumaan’s son, Kusum’s husband (2013-2014)

Who is the landlord in Saraswatichandra TV series?

Their landlord Prashant Tyagi becomes obsessed with Kumud, who is a look-alike of his girlfriend he murdered. The landlord kidnaps them both and tries to murder Saras, but they find evidence and have him arrested.