Who is the owner of Flow Trinidad?

Liberty Latin America
Kitts and Nevis, Trinidad and Tobago, Montserrat, Dominica, Antigua & Barbuda, St. Vincent, St….

Type Division
Key people Inge Smidts (CEO of CWC)
Products Fibre broadband, Cable broadband, ADSL, VDSL & VDSL2 broadband, Mobile Broadband, TV, Landline
Parent Liberty Latin America
Website www.discoverflow.co

How do I contact flow customer service?

You have to contact a Flow Customer Service Representative on 1‑800‑804‑2994 who can perform the association.

Did flow buy Digicel?

Digicel’s Group slow creep into the cable market has been trumped by chief rival Cable & Wireless Commu-nications (CWC) with a massive deal announced on Tuesday that is expected to eventually merge the operations of phone company LIME with triple-play operator Flow. …

How can I call flow free?

Call Us 1-800-804-2994.

Does flow Fibre optic?

and Flow has continued to build its network infrastructure so that we are prepared for times like these. Over 250 communities have been connected on or upgraded to our fiber network since March 2020. This means more Jamaicans now have access to many more opportunities in the digital space to enable their progress.

Is lime and flow the same?

Lime Jamaica now renamed Flow If you’re sending an airtime recharge to a loved one in Jamaica, please be aware that the mobile network Lime Jamaica has been re-branded and is now called Flow. Flow is Jamaica’s newest mobile network offering: up to 4G mobile speeds.

Why is my flow internet not working?

One of the main and quickest problem solving methods to troubleshooting your internet connection is to turn you router off and disconnect from our network. We ask that you leave your router turned off for at least 5 minutes for it to fully disconnect. Then power back on and re-try your internet connection.

What is the purpose of Digicel?

The Digicel Foundation is a corporate responsibility programme established with the purpose of strengthening Jamaican communities by addressing education, youth, social and cultural needs.

Is flow to flow calls free?

No. There are no additional fees for Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Waiting and Three-way Calling. These features are all free.

How can I get Internet flow settings?

Flow Jamaica APN Settings for Android

  1. MMS Settings: Name : Flow MMS.
  2. Cellular Data: APN: ppinternet.
  3. Internet APN: Tap Settings -> Network Connections -> Mobile Network ->APN.
  4. MMS APN: Tap Text Messages ->…> Settings ->Text Messages ->MMS ->Advanced and enter the following details.
  6. MMS APN.

What can I do with Trinidad discover flow?

Enjoy faster speeds to stream more of what you love and enjoy an improved in-home experience with our bundles WE HAVE ALL THE ENTERTAINMENT AND SERVICES FOR YOU! CHECK IT OUT. Watch TV your way.

How big is the flow network in Jamaica?

Today, our services are underpinned by over 50,000 kilometers of the most modern subsea and terrestrial fiber networks in this part of the world.

Who is cable and wireless in the Caribbean?

As part of the Liberty Latin America group of companies, Cable & Wireless is one of the leading telecommunications and entertainment providers in the Caribbean and Latin America.

What does flow do for cable and wireless?

Through both the Cable & Wireless Charitable Foundation and the Flow Foundation, as well as through our local corporate responsibility efforts in each country we serve, we’re helping to connect communities and transform the lives of people that live there.