Who is trivikram God?

‘dwarf-god’), Trivikrama ( transl. who bound the asura Bali) was a Brahmin avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu. He was the 5th avatar of Lord Vishnu and the first Dashavatara in the Treta Yuga, after Narasimha.

Why did Lord Vishnu take Vamana avatar?

The purpose of Vamana avatar is to protect the devas who have been rendered homeless ever since Bali, having consolidated his powers, is reigning supreme over the three worlds. He immediately proceeds to the yaga sala where Bali is performing the Aswamedha sacrifice.

Who is Parampurush?

KAAL PURUSH (Nirakaar Niranjan) – He is not the Supreme Lord of the Souls. He himself is the 5th son of Param Purush, which came into existence from the word “Jyoti Niranjan”. PARAM PURUSH (Sahib) – He is immortal and truly is the Supreme Lord of the Souls.

Who is more powerful Vishnu?

if you will read Brahma samhita you’ll find that these three are not most powerful. lord Krishna is above them and most powerful. most of the people does not know that lord Krishna is supreme. and lord Vishnu has originated from him not that lord Krishna has originated from Vishnu….Answers.

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How many avatars does god Vishnu have?

The Dashavatara (/ˌdəʃɑːvˈtɑːr/; Sanskrit: दशावतार, daśāvatāra) is the ten primary avatars of Vishnu, a principal Hindu god. Vishnu is said to descend in the form of an avatar to restore cosmic order. The word Dashavatara derives from daśa, meaning ‘ten’, and avatar (avatāra), roughly equivalent to ‘incarnation’.

Who is the 6th avatar of Vishnu?


Devanagari परशुराम
Sanskrit transliteration Paraśurāma
Affiliation Sixth Avatar of Vishnu, Vaishnavism
Weapon Axe named Vidyudabhi (Paraśhu)

Who is the creator of Vishnu?


Lord Shiva (left), Lord Vishnu (middle) and Lord Brahma (right)
Affiliation Brahma (creator) Vishnu (preserver) Shiva (destroyer)
Abode Satyaloka (abode of Brahma) Vaikuntha (abode of Vishnu) Kailash( abode of Shiva)
Mantra Om Tridevaya Namah

Who was the father of Lord Garbhodashayi Vishnu?

Garbhodhakaśāyī Vishnu is realized as the form of Pradyumna within the material universe. He is the father of Brahmā who appeared from His navel and hence Garbhodakashayi Vishnu is also called Hiraņyagarbha.

How is Vishnu related to the god Indra?

Vishnu: Vishnu is a minor God (less mainframe), linked to his 3 strides. Only 6 hymns of the Holy Rg Veda extol Lord Visnu. Vishnu has been variously called Urukrama (wide strides) Urugaya (Wide moving). In Rig Veda Vishnu has been several times associated with Indra.

What was the name of Lord Vishnu’s avatar?

As per the Hindu Puranas, the Vamana Avatar took back the three worlds (known as the Triloka) from the Asura King Bali in three steps to hand them over to Lord Indra. ‘Vamana’ means ‘dwarf,’ ‘small,’ or ‘short in stature.’

Who is the 5th incarnation of Lord Vishnu?

Bali was the grandson of Prahlad and the son of Virochan. He defeated Indra and became the king of the three worlds. The gods took refuge in Bhagwan Vishnu, who agreed to restore Indra to power. Vishnu incarnated as the Aditya dwarf-Brahmin, Vamana (son of Kashyap and Aditi).

What was the objective of Parasurama the avatar of Vishnu?

Parasurama, the Kshatriya-slayer. The objective of the avatar of Parasurama was to deliver the world from the oppression of the Kshatriya rulers, who strayed from the path of dharma. Outraged by King Arjuna and his sons, who killed his holy father, Parasurama swore to annihilate the entire Kshatriya race.