Who owns Festina?

Festina Uhren GmbH
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Is Festina a Swiss brand?

History. Festina was created in 1902 by the Stüdi family in the city of La Chaux-de-Fonds, in Switzerland. Within the Festina Group the brands Jaguar, Candino and Perrelet are Swiss-made. In 2002, Festina acquired the Swiss watch brand Candino.

Where is Festina from?

La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland
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Is Festina a luxury watch brand?

“Festina has been creating luxury watches for both men and women since 1902. While the company was originally located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, Festina watches are now manufactured in Japan.”

How is Festina brand?

Festina is historically a Swiss watch manufacturer that now has its headquarters in Spain. The brand is known for inexpensive models, with an emphasis on sports and dress watches. Along with Lotus and Jaguar, the brand is a part of the Festina Group.

Who said Festina Lente?

As one of my favorite minds of all time, Augustus Octavian Caesar has put it: Festina Lente! It means, hurry up slowly. Those two words have far deeper meaning.

What movement does Festina use?

At the heart of this Festina watch is a chronograph Japanese quartz movement for reliable and accurate timekeeping. It has a mineral crystal glass that’s been specially hardened to give you a good level of scratch and shatter protection. The 100m water resistance rating is also great to see.

Is Festina good brand?

Most of the Festina range is Japanese made, with the exception being their Swiss-Made collection. Whilst not producing any real unique or iconic designs, the brand has carved out a niche producing well-crafted and affordable quartz watches.

Are Festina watches valuable?

The brand is popular in Europe because of quality construction and value pricing. The Festina Classic collection are attractive timepieces and their price points are very affordable $100.00 -$300.00 USD. Festina is latin for ‘Hasten slowly’.

How do you use Festina Lente?

Hasten slowly (or run slowly) is a direct translation of the latin “Festina Lente” and the original Greek “Σπεῡδε Βραδέως.” This proverb brings to the discussion an oxymoron, where two conflicting terms are connected in a single argument: “run/hasten” (to go fast) and “slowly.” The meaning of this notorious sentence …

What is the meaning make haste?

: to move, act, or go quickly : hurry.

Are Festina watches waterproof?

“The quality promised by Festina Profundo is that this watch stays waterproof. By being subjected to this visible test of endurance, the watch is able to immediately convince the customers of its particularly high quality.” …