Are all interfaces compatible with Pro Tools?

What interfaces are compatible with Pro Tools? Depending on your Pro Tools software you will have a number of options. If you want to use Pro Tools then you can use any interface that supports Core Audio on Mac and ASIO on Windows.

What audio interfaces are compatible with Protools?

Officially Supported

  • Pro Tools | Quartet.
  • Pro Tools | Duet.
  • Mbox (3rd gen)
  • Mbox Mini (3rd gen)
  • Mbox Pro (3rd gen)
  • Eleven Rack.
  • Fast Track Duo.
  • Fast Track Solo.

Is Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 compatible with Pro Tools?

Pro Tools LE, Pro Tools Express and Pro Tools M-Powered are not compatible with third-party audio interfaces and so will not work with any Focusrite audio interfaces.

What interfaces work with Pro Tools Ultimate?

Officially Supported Audio Devices, Interfaces, Peripherals and Control Surfaces

  • Pro Tools | Sync X.
  • Pro Tools | MTRX.
  • Pro Tools | MTRX Studio.
  • HD I/O (all configurations)
  • HD OMNI.
  • HD MADI.
  • PRE I/O.
  • SYNC HD (Charcoal)

Is M audio compatible with Pro Tools?

M-AUDIO® INCLUDES AVID’S PRO TOOLS/FIRST AND ELEVEN LITE PLUGIN IN ITS KEYBOARD CONTROLLERS. ​Industry-standard Pro Tools | First digital audio workstation and Eleven Lite plugin gives artists unprecedented creative options with the most realistic virtual instruments/effects anywhere.

How do I connect my audio interface to Pro Tools?

How to Setup an Audio Interface in Pro Tools

  1. In order to select the proper audio interface, at the Pro Tools top menu bar click on: Setup -> Playback Engine.
  2. It is easy to see how “Built-In Output” has been set as the Playback Engine.
  3. From the Playback Engine drop-down list, select your own audio interface.

Why isn’t Pro Tools recognize my interface?

If you’re having trouble getting your audio interface to work with your Pro Tools setup, the first thing to do is make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest drivers for your audio interface. These can be downloaded at the manufacturer’s website for whichever interface you may be using.

What kind of audio interface do I need for Pro Tools?

The Focusrite Red 4Pre is capable of running as the HD interface for your Pro Tools HD, HDX or HD Native system using DigiLink. It can also connect to your Mac via Thunderbolt for next to zero latency I/O and it gets you into the world of Dante for audio over IP connectivity.

Can you use ProTools 9 with Pro Tools LE?

If your computer is not running one of these operating systems, you will not be able to install ProTools 9 to use with a PreSonus interface. Previous versions (8 and older): ProTools LE is a proprietary software that is designed to work with specific Digidesign and MAudio hardware.

Do you need a third party interface for Pro Tools?

Now that Pro Tools users have such a huge field of third-party interfaces to choose from, by contrast, it can be much harder to make the right decision. It might sound obvious, but the first step on the road is to ask yourself what you need this interface to do. First of all, how many inputs and outputs will you need?

Which is the best DigiLink interface for Pro Tools?

If you are looking for a cost-effective DigiLink interface solution combined with a monitor controller then you can do a lot worse than buy a secondhand Avid HD Omni. The Focusrite Red 4Pre is capable of running as the HD interface for your Pro Tools HD, HDX or HD Native system using DigiLink.