Are there websites that summarize books? follows a format similar to that of Four Minute Books, but, as you can probably guess, the summaries are longer and explore some ideas in more depth. There’s an audio version of each summary, and you’ll also get a list of key quotes from the original text.

What are some websites like SparkNotes?

Here are eight book analysis websites that are reliable SparkNotes and CliffsNotes alternatives.

  • BookRags.
  • WikiSummaries.
  • JSTOR.
  • Shmoop.
  • PinkMonkey.
  • GradeSaver.
  • Novelguide.
  • LitCharts.

How much does Blinkist cost?

A Premium Blinkist subscription costs $16 a month or $100 a year. The free seven-day trial is for its yearly plan (not monthly), so be sure to cancel it before the trial ends to avoid being charged if you don’t want the annual subscription.

What is the best summary website?

Where to Find Book Summary Websites

  1. GetAbstract. GetAbstract is one of the big players in this industry, for good reason: it has the widest catalog, with over 20,000 summaries.
  2. Soundview.
  3. Blinkist.
  4. ReadItFor.Me.
  5. Summaries.
  6. Optimize.
  7. Readingraphics.
  8. Instaread.

Is SparkNotes or Cliffnotes better?

Both sites provide similar information, ranging from overall plot summaries and character analysis, but Sparknotes goes more into the literary aspect of the book, while cliffnotes focuses more on the character and his motives.

Are cliff notes a reliable source?

Basically, a credible source is usually either: 1. There are a range of websites that are written for students that are not credible sources. These include SparkNotes, enotes, CliffsNotes, GradeSaver, LitNotes, Shmoop and NovelGuide.

Does Blinkist have a free version?

First, the Blinkist app is free to download and install. But with a free account, you can only read one summary each day: the daily pick. Blinkist offers a monthly and an annual plan. For $12.99 per month (or the same amount in €, if you’re in Europe), you get unlimited access to their content.

Which is the best website for summaries of books?

Actionable books is an incredible website that summarizes books and provides an amazing reading experience. Nils’ and Jonas’ summaries are remarkable. They break down the books in sub-headings and then cover the details so you can read them like you read articles.

Is there an online tool to summarize an article?

Free Summarizer, an online automatic tool to summarize any text or article Ruppert, Chief Summarizer Officer Stop wasting your time and money.

Do you need a website to read a book summary?

The short answer is yes. Of course, book summary websites, apps or videos don’t replace books. But that doesn’t mean they don’t provide value. In fact, they provide more value than you could ever get from the passive consumption of social media. Instead of choosing between reading book summaries or reading books, why not do both?

How does resoomer help you to summarize a text?

Identify the important ideas and facts. To help you summarize and analyzeyour argumentative texts, your articles, your scientific texts, your history texts as well as your well-structured analyses work of art, Resoomer provides you with a “Summary text tool” : an educational tool that identifies and summarizes the important ideas