Camper Trailers Australia: 7 Best Australian Made Camper Trailers

Camping is a wonderful experience when done with friends or family and it can be easily achieved by using a camper trailer. A camper trailer is towed behind a road vehicle with the aim to provide a more comfortable experience than a tent, hence its preferred for camping. Camper trailers vary in size and also models which you can check out on Cub Campers, this article will enlighten you on the 7 best camp trailers in Australia, a country reportedly blessed with lots of camping sites.

#1 Kakadu BushRanger 200XT

This is an upgrade to the BushRanger 200, and the trailer is upgraded to cover some of the flaws of its predecessor it is durable, versatile and it possesses an extra function that makes it well equipped to face rugged terrain plus an adjoining canvas tent and awning attached to it.

#2 Marlin Escape Off-Road Deluxe

The Marlin Escape is not only simple but also the best when seeking genuine campers’ vehicles. It can accommodate more than five people, it is also easy to navigate due to its unique design, it also possesses features that would enhance the luxury of the campers. It is cheap and has a tropical roof that reduces the temperature by 10 degrees. Among other things, it also offers a drift kitchen, a water tank, battery-led strip lights, a toolbox, and finally a pole carrier.

#3 Black Series Camper Trailer Alpha

The black series can accommodate up to five people to give that unique camping experience. It possesses toughness and the capacity expected during a trip to a camping site plus it can provide the comfort required by the campers regardless of the terrain.

#4 Eagle Camper Trailers Tomahawk

The Eagle Tomahawk possesses a host of fun features to boost the luxury of the trip for the whole campers like an external shower, air-conditioner, tent. This vehicle can take up to 6 campers on a trip and based on its build, durability is assured no matter the terrain or relief of the desired location for the camping trip.

#5 Burly Off-Road 

The Burly Off-road is distinctive and has varying features that make it stand out from the others. One of which is the independent suspension that keeps the trailer balanced regardless of the trail or terrain. The Burly trailer comes with extra gear, and a diesel heater connected with an exterior shower. It offers the chance for a quick getaway and the complete feeling of convenience while at it.

#6 Jayco Eagle Outback

When you desire cheap comfort the Jayco Eagle Outback comes to mind. It is very popular in the Australia automobile market. Despite the size of a Jayco Eagle Trailer, it has a bedroom that can host about four people. This camper trailer is a good option for camping offering the feeling of an exquisite travel experience and also enhancing the related fun regardless of the terrain and the weather condition at the campsite.

#7 Blue Tongue Overland XD Series 2

This trailer offers some sort of interior comfort just as the Jayco Eagle trailer. It is built to withstand tougher terrain and backtracks to be encountered along the way. It has the features of folding the camper lids in place of the traditional roof being attached to the overall model design. The folding of the lid reveals a large tent section and lounge area. This offers a comfortable relaxation cover if the weather becomes unpleasant in the course of the journey. The overall design gives it independence of some sorts from the toughness of the terrain.