Can Arowanas live with discus?

Your discus will have no chance in a tank with the arowana. Don’t even think about putting them together. Not many fish can get along with the arowana unless it is a huge tank.

What are the best tank mates for discus?

Most serious hobbyists do not mix their discus with too many other species. Some suitable aquarium mates include cardinal tetras, neons, emperor and rummynose tetras as well as clown loaches and dwarf cichlids, such as rams and Apistogramma species.

What other fish can live with Plecos?

Pleco Habitat Companions Plecostomus are omnivorous bottom-feeders and can be safely housed with fish much smaller than themselves. Plecos generally pair well with cichlids, angelfish, barbs, bettas, other catfish species, gouramis, guppies, hatchets, loaches, mollies and platies.

Are Hypostomus plecostomus aggressive?

There are more than 150 different Hypostomus species, however, many of which are also referred to as Plecostomus or Plecos. When they are small, most Plecostomus are peaceful and non-aggressive. The Plecostomus is a type of armored catfish that is found throughout the tropical regions of northeastern South America.

What is the best tank mate for arowana?

Silver Arowana Tank Mates

  • Large catfish.
  • Parrotfish.
  • Jaguar Cichlid.
  • Pacu (if the tank is large enough)
  • Silver Dollar Fish.
  • Large Plecos.
  • Bichir.
  • Green Terror Cichlid.

Can plecostomus eat other fish?

Pleco Feed or Attack Other Fish. Pleco catfish aren’t aggressive fish but if there is a dead fish they may feed on it. That’s very common to have fish disappear. Usually a fish dies and sinks to the bottom and then the pleco eats the entire fish.

Can I put a pleco in with my goldfish?

Rubber-lipped plecos are fairly peaceful algae-eating fish, so generally they will not bother your goldfish. With a varied diet of tank algae, vegetables and commercial foods, the pleco will most likely thrive without bothering your goldfish.

Why is my pleco attacking other fish?

Pleco Feed or Attack Other Fish. Pleco catfish aren’t aggressive fish but if there is a dead fish they may feed on it. They do appreciate a good source of protein. If that fish is dead or close to it they will eat or try to eat it.

What kind of fish does Hypostomus plecomus eat?

Hypostomus Plecostomus will quickly eat any small fish available in the tank. Hypostomus Plecostomus is well compatible with tropical fish like Cichlids, Loaches, Molly Fish, Tiger Barbs, Betta Fish, and other catfish species. Distinguishing a male from a female is not an easy task.

Which is the best tank mate for a plecostomus?

A long tank is preferred, as these fish are quite active. Like the plecostomus, they are also tough on live plants and may eat their leaves. Small South American tetras like these black skirts are good tank mates for plecos. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about the plecostomus:

How to choose the best Hypostomus tank mates?

Hypostomus Plecostomus is a territorial fish, he does not tolerate other males of his species and can arrange real fights with relatives, perceiving strangers as rivals. Choosing tank mates, you need to take into account their size.

Is the plecostomus a peaceful or Quarrelsome fish?

This is a nocturnal fish. It is peaceful when it’s young, but it becomes quite quarrelsome and territory dependent as an adult. May live peacefully with its kind, if they grew together in one tank, but if they fight, it is till the weakest one dies. May nip scales from discus fish, angelfishes while they sleep.