Can I travel to NZ from Australia?

All travellers from Australia to New Zealand must go through managed isolation and quarantine. You can return to New Zealand if you: Are a New Zealand permanent resident or resident visa holder, or. Have a critical purpose reason for entry.

Do Australians have to pay for quarantine in New Zealand?

If you have travelled to New Zealand on a green flight, and during your time in New Zealand you are required to go into managed isolation and quarantine because you are a close contact of a positive COVID-19 case or have tested positive, you will be considered a domestic community case and will not be required to pay …

Is New Zealand closed to tourists?

New Zealand doesn’t plan to open its borders to international visitors until 2022, according to a cautious reopening plan outlined by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Thursday.

What is New Zealand’s main source of income?

Trade. Agricultural products—principally meat, dairy products, and fruits and vegetables—are New Zealand’s major exports; crude oil and wood and paper products are also significant. The major imports are crude and refined oil, machinery, and vehicles.

How much does it cost to go to New Zealand from Australia?

Cost of shipping to New Zealand from Australia

Route Cost Duration
Sydney to Auckland $468 (AUD) 4.25 days
Melbourne to Christchurch $459 (AUD) 4.5 days
Fremantle to Wellington $514 (AUD) 9.8 days

Can a New Zealand citizen travel to Australia outside of New Zealand?

The safe travel zone does not apply to New Zealand citizens who are outside New Zealand or who have not been in New Zealand for the last 14 days or more. Before you travel to Australia, you should complete the Australia Travel Declaration at least 72 hours before your departure for Australia.

Are there any flights from Australia to New Zealand?

Flights are available from Australia to New Zealand and as a New Zealand citizen you are able to return home quarantine free. Flight prices and availability have resumed back to normal pre-Coivd-19. Most airlines are offering flexible flights in-case of a Covid-19 outbreak and border closures on either side of the ditch.

What’s the best way to travel to New Zealand?

Cruising is another popular way to get to, and explore, the country. Most cruises to New Zealand depart from Australia and the Pacific Islands and some are round-the-world journeys. Need help to plan your vacation? Contact a Travel Agent.

When does safe travel zone start between Australia and New Zealand?

New Zealand safe travel zone Quarantine free travel between Australia and New Zealand will commence at 21:59 AEST on 18 April 2021. All travellers who have been in either Australia or New Zealand for 14 days can travel by air between Australia and New Zealand quarantine free, without the need to apply for a travel exemption.